MAAC Vashi, Panvel & MG Road Pune organised their 20th Annual Award Function called “Gravity 2023” on 2 December 2023. Over the past 20 years, Gravity has become one of the leading 3D animation and VFX events in Navi Mumbai and Pune.

Gravity 2023 was held at Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium in Vashi. The event was inaugurated by Animax Studios India directors Prasad Vanarase and Sanjay Khanted, MAAC national academic head Abir Aich, Aptech chief marketing head Pravin Arora, Aptech West Zone zonal technical head Ashish Garg, Aptech marketing team Poulomee.

Gravity provided the students of the three branches of MAAC a chance to experience the production pipeline flow and understand the in and outs of working in a production house.

This Annual Award Function was preceded by a three-month in-house competition where students were given an opportunity to create original artworks and submit them in various categories. A total of 150 Individual and Group entries were submitted in the categories Best Sketching, Best Digital Painting, Best Matte Painting, Best Photography, Best Character Modelling & Best Digital Film Making, Best Motion Graphics, Best UI Design, Best Visual Effects Film, Best Vector Arts and Best 3D Game Asset.

Students were given a chance to showcase their skills to representatives from leading productions houses and stalwarts in the Indian animation industry. Apart from displaying students’ works, the event allowed students of the three MAAC branches to showcase their talents by performing at the event.

The award winners were honoured with a trophy and winning certificates sponsored by Animax Studios India. Below is the full list of the winners:

  • Sagar Bare for Best Sketching
  • Alex Tom for Best Mobile Photography
  • Nilesh Pawar for Best Digital Painting
  • Samruddhi Mhatre for Best Matte Painting
  • Yashashree Solkar for Best Vector Art
  • Sumit Yadav Best Motion Graphics
  • Savani Prince Sanjay Bhai for Best UI Design,
  • Pranay Tandel for Best 3D Game Level Design
  • Fareed Shaikh for Best Architectural Design
  • Nandini Parmar for Best Automobile Design
  • Sameer Yamgar for Best Character Modeling
  • Hrishikesh Ghag for Best Multimedia
  • Rehan Saajan for Best Craft Artwork
  • Rishab Soni for Best Environmental Modeling
  • Rahul Jha for Best Game Asset
  • Surabhi Suhani and Sameer Yamgar for Best Stop Motion
  • Ayush Ghade, Aditya Menon, Prince Savani & Swayam Chalke for Best Digital Film Making
  • Sumit Yadav for Best VFX Advertising