Pokémon Unite will celebrate its second anniversary on 21 July with events, items and new Unite licenses for its users. The makers of the game recently announced that the pokemon Mewtwo will be coming to Aeos Island to join the competition.

Here are some major updates from the makers:


Mewtwo arrives on Aeos Island alongside the return of Mega Evolution, which debuted in the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y games. In a unique twist, the Pokemon will have two different Unite licenses—Unite License X: Mewtwo and Unite License Y: Mewtwo. Both Mega Evolutions use basic attacks as the cornerstone of their battle strategies, with Mega Mewtwo X focusing on melee attacks in a one-on-one setting and Mega Mewtwo Y focusing on ranged attacks and mobility.

Mewtwo can fill its Mega gauge by using basic attacks and moves. Once the gauge is full, the Pokémon will Mega Evolve, which changes its basic attacks and increases its stats for a set time before it changes back to Mewtwo. Expect to Mega Evolve several times per match!

The makers are aiming for Mewtwo to be easy for beginners to use by giving it a simple move set, but some moves will require good timing to bring out their full potential.

Legendary Pokémon

The makers acknowledged that Zacian was excessively strong at release and in the following months. Their goal with the pokemon was to tune it over time to reach the state it is currently in. They would like to explain their design philosophy behind the Legendary Pokémon moving forward and to detail steps they will be taking to improve their arrival on Aeos Island.

With the implementation of both Zacian and Mewtwo, the makers plan to gradually increase the number of Legendary Pokémon that are available in Pokémon Unite since Legendary Pokémon are an integral part of any game that contains Pokémon battles. The makers are designing Legendary Pokémon to become the leaders of their respective teams, conveying their strength through their capabilities while giving them weaknesses in exchange for that strength. The makers modeled this concept by making Zacian’s Rusted Sword take up one of its three held item slots, and will be exploring opportunities to refine this concept further in the future while balancing the game’s unique and evolving style of competitive play.

As a result of player feedback, the makers will be releasing all Pokémon (including Legendary Pokémon) for public testing in regions that use the Public Test server, to make appropriate adjustments before each Pokémon’s release in the Global version to ensure all are fairly balanced.

In-game competitions

The makers are planning to hold regular in-game tournaments. These tournaments will feature draft pick, which allows players to take turns selecting Pokémon for their teams as well as ban specific Pokémon for the match. The makers hope that this will be a way for Trainers to enjoy highly competitive matches more easily.

The battle continues

The makers have invited Trainers to take part in their official Pokémon Community Forums, where Trainers can not only leave their feedback directly but also interact with like-minded fans of Pokémon and Pokémon Unite.

Since the Pokémon World Championships are happening soon, and fans can tune in to the Pokémon Unite Twitch channel starting 10 August 5 pm PDT to find out who will secure this year’s World Championships trophy.