Animation is often associated with cartoons and films, however, it is also known in the creation of realistic and immersive casino games and competitive esports. It actually plays a crucial role in the gaming industry as it brings characters, environments and objects to life, making them more realistic and believable ensuring a satisfying playing experience.

Moreover, animation also help impact the success of a game since a well-animated game can attract more players, increase player retention, and generate more revenue. On the other hand, a poorly animated game can lead to negative reviews, low player engagement, and ultimately a decline in revenue. 

Of course, to achieve high-quality and effective animations, you need a skilled animator and most especially an excellent animation tool to generate moving graphics necessary for the creation and development of casino game or esports. If you are a game developer and is exploring other animation tool options to use in creating quality graphics for a casino game or sports-themed game, check out these tools commonly used in i-Gaming. 

  1. Adobe Animate

Initially known as FutureSplash, Adobe Animate is a powerful animation tool that is widely used in i-Gaming. Animate remains king among animation software as 1/3rd of its users are developing HTML5 games. 

This animation software offers a range of tools and features which include timeline-based animation, motion paths, and frame-by-frame animation which all can be used to create complex animations for game elements such as slot machine reels, card shuffling and dice rolling. In addition, Adobe Animate supports a variety of export formats, including HTML5, which is commonly used for online casino games. This makes it easy to integrate animations created in Adobe Animate into casino game development workflows.

Undoubtedly, the incorporation of this animation tool in the development of poker, baccarat, and other online casino games will amplify the immersive experience for passionate gamers. Not only will it intensify their enthusiasm but may also fuel their determination to keep playing until they win real money at online casinos in Australia, United Kingdom, or wherever they are in the world! 

  1. Unity

A powerful game engine that is also often used to create engaging and visually appealing casino game animations in the i-Gaming industry, Unity is popular because of its cross-platform game development compatibility. Whether your players are playing on a mobile device or on a desktop, they will definitely get to access real-time content in an instant. 

Moreover, the reason for its popularity in the i-Gaming industry lies in the diverse array of animation tools it offers. These include timeline-based animations, motion paths, and inverse kinematics. The wide range of tools they provide makes it widely regarded as one of the top choices for developing an online poker game with advanced features and exceptional performance.

  1. GameMaker Studio

Primarily known for its game development capabilities, GameMaker Studio also offers a range of animation tools that can be used to create animations for casino games.

One of the key benefits of using GameMaker Studio for casino game animations is its support for sprite-based animation. Sprite-based animation involves creating a series of images (or sprites) that are displayed in sequence to create the illusion of motion. This is a common technique used in casino games, particularly for slot machine reels and other game elements that require simple, repetitive animations. 

Furthermore, it provides a timeline-based animation editor and extends support for skeletal animation. Through these features, animators and developers can effortlessly create intricate animations for game elements like card shuffling and dice rolling. 

With this tool, players can experience seamless transitions between card shuffles and minimal lag times when eagerly awaiting lucky combinations in dice rolling.

  1. Autodesk Maya

Lastly, if you want to create a highly-detailed and realistic animation for an online casino game, acquiring Autodesk Maya as an animation tool is also a perfect choice.

Autodesk Maya is known for its advanced 3D animation capabilities which allow the creation of highly-detailed animations which is important for the creation of online casino games that require realistic depictions of game elements such as slot machines, cards and dice. In fact, due to its animation capabilities it is not limited from designing casino games but is also well-known in designing popular games with stunning visual effects such as Call of Duty and Halo

Moreover, Autodesk Maya supports a wide range of file formats. This capability makes it easy to import and export animations into different game platforms which is important for online casino games to make it easy for avid gamers to play anytime, anywhere may it be from their desktop, mobile tablet, or their smartphones. 


The use of animation tool is a key factor in the success of online casino games. Through these tools, game developers get to create visually appealing and engaging games that help attract and retain casino gamers.

As such, game developers should take their time to get to know most of the common animation tools introduced in the i-Gaming industry and choose one that can viably make their game stand-out from a diverse roster of casino games.