Tron Education, a promising institute in India’s animation, visual effects, gaming, and comics (AVGC) sector, hosted the highly anticipated Talent Hunt Expedition for Media Entertainment (THEME) 2024 event in Pune on 31 January 2024. Powered by MESC, this grand affair brought together industry leaders, students, and parents to celebrate creativity, showcase talent, and honour outstanding achievements in the AVGC field.

The event kicked off with a majestic lamp-lighting ceremony, graced by the presence of award-winning actor Aparshakti Khurana as the chief guest and Government of India member of parliament Hemant Patil as the esteemed guest of honour. The luminous ceremony set the tone for an eventful day filled with inspiration and innovation.

One of the highlights of THEME 2024 was the Job Fair, a cornerstone of MESC’s mission to empower youth with industry-relevant skills and connect them with lucrative career opportunities. It was inaugurated by FICCI AVGC Forum chairman and Punnaryug Artvision founder Ashish Kulkarni. By partnering with MESC, Tron Education acknowledges the council’s pivotal role in shaping the AVGC workforce of tomorrow. The Job Fair provided a platform for aspiring professionals to interact with renowned studios like Breakmoon Studio, Blue Blaze Studio, philmCGI, GodSpeed Games, Global VFX, Sasha Graphic Studio, SM Rolling Studio. Attracting 172 students for job interviews, the fair served as a bridge between talented students and industry professionals, fostering valuable connections and potential career opportunities.

Students all set for their job interviews

The Creative Zone, where students proudly displayed their artwork, was inaugurated by JSPM University Pune vice-chancellor BB Ahuja. This platform allowed students to showcase their creativity, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry.

During the event, Tron Education unveiled two significant initiatives – Tronline, an online learning platform, and Tronzine, an education magazine in media and entertainment and technology. These platforms aim to further enhance learning opportunities and keep students updated with the latest industry trends.

The event also featured engaging workshops by industry experts. Vaanersena Studios senapati Vivek Ram delved into the depths of Indian mythology and creativity. Sharing insights from his journey and how he started his own studio, he inspired participants to embrace their cultural roots and harness storytelling’s power.

philmCGI managing director Anand Bhanushali shed light on the making of VFX for the Amazon Prime Video series Jubilee. From working closely with director and producer to leveraging virtual production techniques for creating intricate backgrounds, Bhanushali offered invaluable insights into the complex and meticulous process behind bringing cinematic visions to life through VFX.

JetSynthesys studio head Sarang Nafdey led a workshop on the creation of the Sachin Saga game, allowing students to delve into the world of gaming. AnimationXpress deputy editor Prerna Kothari introduced the audience to their newly launched platform, Screenhub, providing a dynamic space for passionate individuals in the AVGC community.

Tron Education founder and chairman Rahul Bojalwar expressed, “AVGC sector is the art of bringing imagination to life, where each frame is a brushstroke painting a world of endless possibilities. With unwavering dedication, Tron Education is committed to nurturing and empowering aspiring artists to realise their full potential and contribute meaningfully to this dynamic field.”

BB Ahuja awarding certificate to student

A momentous convocation ceremony took place, where BB Ahuja awarded certificates to 51 students, marking the successful completion of their courses. The event also honoured Ashish Kulkarni with the Spotlight Award, recognising his remarkable dedication and contributions to the animation industry.

A significant aspect of the THEME event was the Film Awards segment, featuring a competition in 3D animation and VFX. Aparshakti Khurana presented awards to the best animated films, recognising the incredible talent and innovation displayed by students. The competition showcased the cutting-edge skills and artistic prowess of the next generation of professionals.

Tron Education also presented awards to various centers:
Best Star Center: Tron JM Road and Tron Ch. Sambhajinagar
Best Promising Center: Tron Bavdhan
Best Center: Tron PCMC
Best Growing Center: Tron Kharadi
Best Infrastructure Center: Tron Wagholi

The Best Faculty awards, presented by Hemant Patil, were bestowed upon the following individuals:
Prasad Jagtap
Saurabh Gunjal
Amar Sakhre
Shailaja Pimputkar
Chetan Nikam
Ravi Shinde
Hemant Chaware
Lakshmikant Jadhav

THEME 2024 event concluded with a spectacular Annual Function, featuring captivating performances by Tron students from various centers. The vibrant energy and enthusiasm in the venue were palpable, creating a memorable experience for everyone present. Hemant Patil delivered the closing remarks, highlighting the significance of the AVGC sector and the role Tron Education plays in shaping its future.

In summary, Tron Education’s THEME 2024 event was a resounding success, celebrating creativity, learning, and excellence in the AVGC industry.

From left to right: Rahul Bojalwar, Pooja Arora from MESC, Ashish Kulkarni