Adda52 announced the successful conclusion of the 14th edition of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT), with Vasu Bansal as the winner.

The tournament, held in partnership with Deltin Group, brought together an array of talented poker players from across the country for a thrilling competition of skill and strategy. The event featured a prize pool of Rs 67,177,900 with a unique participants count of 465 participants.

The Deltin Poker Tournament spanned over eight action-packed days. The event witnessed an unprecedented number of participants, showcasing the growth and popularity of poker in India. Players showcased their expertise, battled it out at the felts, and pushed their limits to claim the coveted titles and massive prize pools. The tournament reached its pinnacle with the Grand Finale, where the top contenders battled fiercely for the title of the ultimate poker champion. Vasu Bansal from Punjab has emerged as the winner of the DPT Main Event with the best live score of his career of Rs 53.76 lakhs. Krishna Khaitan secured the position of first runner-up in the DPT Main Event, earning a prize money of Rs 40 lakhs. Arsh Grover emerged victorious in the highly anticipated DPT Highroller Event, winning over Rs 33 lakhs, while Manju Sabhlok triumphed in the Women’s Special Tournament, claiming a prize of Rs 72,000.

Commenting on the conclusion of Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT), CEO Shivanandan Pare said, “We are incredibly proud of the overwhelming response to the 14th edition of Deltin Poker Tournament, our flagship event. It was a celebration of players’ competitive spirit, passion, and commitment towards the skill-based, strategy game of poker. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and participants of the Deltin Poker Tournament.”

Speaking on the culmination of DPT, Adda52 chief marketing officer Joydeep Mukherjee said, “We are absolutely thrilled by the energy levels and participation witnessed in the 14th edition of DPT. We had the privilege of hosting the who’s who of India poker along with a bunch of passionate poker enthusiasts from all over the country on board the luxurious Deltin Royale, in Goa. From the highs of winning a big hand against a pro to the quiet restraint of a master playing cautiously to emerge victorious, from the feeling of competition to the feeling of camaraderie and community, from zen-like focus to fun and frolic, we have seen it all during this eight-day extravaganza. We’ll continue to organise more such events in the future for the growing clan of poker lovers in the country.”

The winner Bansa said“It feels surreal to be the champion of the 14th edition of DPT 2023. Finally, lifting the coveted title of DPT 2023 is like a reward for all the time and hard work I’ve put into the game.”