Stan has announced the launch of Campus Connect, an online platform aimed at college students.

This platform is designed to engage with students and communities. It aims to become the go-to destination for college students seeking entertainment and gaming experiences. By partnering with Stan, students shall be able to host clubs where they can engage, interact and have fun. Stan Clubs and audio features can be used for students for education, as a medium to interact, play games, have watch parties, and for entertainment as well. Stan has collaborated with 10 colleges across the country – SRM, Chennai; VIT, Mumbai; Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar; Chandigarh University, to name a few.

Key Features of Campus Connect are:

• Stan aims to build students into creators with its expertise and its vast network of creators.

• Students will be able to host gaming and esports tournaments for their colleges where Stan will be supporting them in terms of tools, manpower and prize money

• Stan also has its own Tournament setup tools which makes it easy for students to host and organise tournaments.

• Stan is also sponsoring the tournament’s prize pool and rewards. The total prize pool of these tournaments per month is Rs 2,00,000.

• Stan is showcasing the talent of students and is providing them the platform to go pro in esports.

• Stan will utilise its social media presence and its huge distribution of creators to showcase the talents of students.

Stan also plans to build communities across various colleges through various activities – Stan Clubs (students can host sessions), Tournaments (students can host tournaments), and Chat Rooms (students can interact for their day-to-day messaging). 

Stan aspirеs to bе thе prеmiеr global gamеrs’ companion app, boasting ovеr four million usеrs within 1.5 years. Stan claims that 75 per cent of thе usеrs hail from tiеr 2 and tiеr 3 citiеs. The company’s focus is deepening in the Indian market, еxpanding to thе sub-continеnt, and aiming for 10 million usеrs in thе nеxt six months.