The 14th season of League of Legends (LoL) Esports will kick-off in 2024 and Riot Games has shared its latest updates.

League of Legends Esports is a global competitive sport with more than 100 professional esports teams and over 860 players. It is based on Riot GamesLeague of Legends – a team-based strategy game where two teams of five champions face off to destroy the other’s base. LoL Esports started in 2009 and remains owned and operated by Riot Games.

The updates by Riot Games include:

Global competitive changes

  • This year, the organisers want to continue increasing the stakes around MSI and want to create a stronger connection between MSI and Worlds.
  • This season, the organisers will set a base of three Worlds slots for the LEC, LCS, LCK, and LPL. The PCS and VCS will each retain two Worlds slots, and the LLA and CBLOL will each retain one Worlds slot. This will introduce new ways for teams and regions in the competition to show their strength and earn additional Worlds slots through their performance at MSI.
  • For the first time, the winning team at MSI will be awarded a guaranteed spot at Worlds, which also counts as an additional slot for their region. The next best performing region at MSI will secure an additional seed for their region. To ensure that the team that qualifies early for Worlds remains committed to success in their home league, they must qualify for their region’s Summer Playoffs with the exception of the LEC, where the team would qualify for the LEC Regional Finals.
  • To use the MSI 2023 results as an example, JDG would auto-qualify to Worlds, allowing a total of four LPL teams to qualify for Worlds. And the next best performing region – the LCK in the case of MSI ‘23 – would secure an extra Worlds 23 seed, for a total of four.

MSI and Worlds 2024 locations

  • MSI 2024 will be held from 1 to 19 May in Chengdu, China.
  • Worlds will kick-off in Berlin at the newly remodeled Riot Games Arena for the Play-Ins and Swiss Stages. The competition will then head to the Adidas Arena in Paris, France, for both Quarterfinals and Semifinals.
  • Worlds 2024 will take place from 25 September to 2 November.

Hall of Legends

To celebrate those who have made a lasting impact on the game, the sport, and the community, Riot Games has introduced the LoL Esports Hall of Legends.

Riot has gathered an independent voting panel of esports industry veterans and experts from every region to vote and select its “first inductee” as it likes to call the legend.

“Each year, those inducted into the Hall of Legends will have their historic careers celebrated both IRL and in-game! We are currently collecting votes and will have more to share in the coming months,” Riot Games said in a statement.

Regional league start dates

  • LEC: 13 Jan
  • LLA: 16 Jan
  • LCK: 17 Jan
  • PCS: 19 Jan
  • LCS: 20 Jan
  • VCS: 20 Jan
  • CBLOL: 20 Jan
  • LPL: 22 Jan

The updates on tickets, schedules, and more will be shared soon. Fans can catch the competition on