Revenant Esports has confirmed that it will be one of the 10 teams in the Valorant Challengers 2023: South Asia Split 2. Hosted by Nodwin Gaming as a LAN event in New Delhi, the $100,000 tournament is set to be one of the biggest Valorant esports events in the country to date. 

Commenting on the team’s return to Valorant, Revenant Esports founder and CEO Rohit Jagasia said, “Due to legal complications, we were unable to participate in Split 1 despite having a fully stacked roster. The boys had plenty of time to train, though, and we are here to win it all in Split 2.” 

Revenant Esports’ Valorant lineup consists of six players, including two import players. These are as follows: 

  • Tajas “rite2ace” Santosh Sawant
  • Kasif “Paradox” Khwaja Sayyed
  • Shailesh “Blackhawk” Ravindra Dalvi
  • Enrico “Ching” Manalo Perez
  • Joshua “JoshS” Miles Infante Santos
  • Sahil “1TaPGOD” Sanjay Duble

The team is managed by Abir Banerjee. Revenant will be announcing an imported coach soon as well.  

Split 2 is extremely important because other than the $100,000 prize pool, the tournament will also determine the South Asian representative at the Valorant Challengers Ascension 2023 Pacific – an international tournament. 

Revenant’s Valorant star rite2ace said, “It was definitely a disappointment to not be competing in Split 1. While the other teams might have the edge right now with more LAN experience and competition exposure this season, we are still pretty confident going into Split 2. We have watched all the games and have an understanding of our opponent’s strategies. Our squad had plenty of time to train and build our synergy so we are headed into Split 2 to secure South Asia’s spot at the Ascension.”

Split 2 is set to begin very soon.