Indian esports organisation Gods Reign has been announced as a franchise team of the Skyesports Masters, the country’s gaming tournament with its star-studded Counter-Strike:GO (CS:GO) roster gearing up to make waves at the prominent tournament.

Gods Reign has revealed its CS:GO roster ahead of the tournament, which is home to some of the title’s biggest stars from the country. Their lineup includes:

  • Anshul ‘KiiLSwitCh’ Adarkar – IGL / Support
  • Hrishikesh ‘Crazy_Gamer’ Shenoy – Rifler
  • Piyush ‘Clouda’ Kalwania – Rifler
  • Akash ‘Ph1NN’ Bose – Rifler
  • Parijaat ‘Rev3nn’ Banerjee Awper/Secondary IGL / Support

The Skyesports Masters is India’s first-ever franchised league with eight teams and is set to begin soon with its League Stage spanning multiple weeks. From here, the top teams will advance to the Skyesports Masters Playoffs, which is set to happen as a LAN event. With a total prize pool of Rs 2 crores and some of the biggest names in gaming set to compete, the tournament will be a spectacle for esports audiences across the country.

“We are incredibly delighted to announce our participation in the biggest esports tournament. Our organisation is committed to contributing to the growth of CS:GO’s ecosystem in the country and Skesports Masters will act as the perfect catalyst for it. The tournament is not just an opportunity to compete with India’s best CS:GO teams, but a chance to showcase the immense potential of esports and the incredible talent of our team. We believe in the ability of our supremely skilled athletes and cannot wait to show the nation what we’re made of,” said Gods Reign CEO K.R. Rohith.

While the team’s notable players including team captain KiiLSwitCh and Crazy_Gamer have represented India on the international stage in CS:GO at the World Esports Championships in 2021 and 2022, star rifler Clouda is part of the team that will be competing to secure their berth in the title at the prestigious tournament this year.

“Representing our organisation in this revolutionary tournament is a feeling of great pride for the entire team. All of us will be pouring our hearts and souls into preparing for the league by developing strategies, perfecting our teamwork to excel as a team and improving our individual gameplay. We are looking forward to making our fans proud and proving our mettle against the very best in the game,” said Gods Reign CS:GO team captain Anshul Adarkar.

Gods Reign will further be making two additions to the team from the open-for-all cafe qualifiers to abide by the Skyesports Masters roster rules. The Skyesports Masters cafe qualifiers are set to happen across 20 Indian cities.