Top  mobile games publisher in terms of downloads Voodoo announces a new game competition starting from 15 November 2023. This unique event will give top studios and talent in the mobile games industry the opportunity to measure themselves against each other and showcase their creativity. 

The contest will specifically focus on the Puzzle genre, a category in which Voodoo has already achieved tremendous success with titles like Collect Em All! or Block Jam 3D.This genre offers significant potential for player engagement and revenue generation, making it a central focus for Voodoo since the company’s transition to hybrid casual gaming in 2022.

“Voodoo’s game competition is a great opportunity for studios worldwide to demonstrate their capabilities and connect with a major mobile gaming publisher. It’s also an unique chance to be onboarded within Voodoo’s ecosystem and product vision with the aim to replicate huge hit games such as Collect Em All or the more recent Block Jam 3D,” said Voodoo core VP Charles Andreani.

Voodoo’s latest game competition will also reward innovation and creativity by encouraging studios to develop original concepts that have not been tested on mobile devices previously.

Voodoo is set to reward excellence with three enticing prizes:

  • $2 Million First Prize: the first game that becomes a hit within one year of the end of the competition will be eligible to receive up to two million USD, provided it meets the competition’s conditions.
  • Best Prototype Prize : The game displaying the strongest metrics (retention and marketability) at the end of the competition will be eligible to receive  a prize of $10,000.
  • Innovation & Creativity Prize : The game that Voodoo considers the most innovative puzzle game submitted and tested will be eligible to receive a prize of $10,000.

The competition is set to kick off on 15 November 2023, with a special LinkedIn Live event held on Voodoo’s LinkedIn page on 8 November 2023. Games can be submitted no later than 15 February 2024 at 11:59 PM CEST. The competition will span three months, and the initial awards will be distributed during the second quarter of 2024.