• November 15, 2022
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The Asia-Pacific Predator League 2022 Grand Finals took place in Tokyo, Japan from 11-13 November, where 30 teams from across the Asia-Pacific region gathered to showcase their skills in intense team battles. The first physical competition in three years was successfully concluded and was broadcasted through multiple channels, resulting in massive viewership.

The winning teams of the Dota 2 and PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS tournaments shared a total prize pool of USD 260,000, with each receiving the coveted Predator shields.

“Unite As One – was the theme of the 2022 Tokyo grand finals event. It was an exciting moment to see players finally meet each other and compete head-to-head during this year’s Predator League,” said Acer pan Asia Pacific president (operations) Andrew Hou. “Rest assured that we will always show our support to the gaming community and esports ecosystem in the spirit of healthy competition.” 

Dota 2 Highlights

The Predator League 2022 Grand Finals’ Dota 2 champion was Polaris Esports, with the team dropping just one game throughout the entire tournament. The audience was in absolute awe of their dominant performance during the Grand Finals, as they bested Execration who fought valiantly and ended the tournament with a second place finish. 

Third place was awarded to the up-and-coming GrindSky Esports, whose performance caught a lot of people by surprise after the new team valiantly performed throughout the competition.  


As for the PUBG tournament, Champions Genius Esports dominated the battlegrounds, posting a 70-point margin above other teams.  

DWG KIA, who showcased strong gameplay and set the tone of the tournament from day one, finished in second place. ArkAngel Predator finished with a well-deserved third place win, with their patient and consistent playing style throughout their matches. 

Intel MVP

Aside from the group awards, individual merits were also bestowed to outstanding players, namely Ezqelusia from Attack All Around and ATee from Yangon Galacticos as they were declared Intel MVPs during their respective tournaments.

Winners of Predator League 2022:

PlacementTeam NamePrize (USD)PlacementTeam NamePrize (USD)
1Genius Esports75,000 Predator Shield and 10,000Selected products1Polaris Esports75,000 Predator Shield and 10,000Selected products
2DGW KIA30,0002Execration30,000
3ArkAngel Predator15,0003GrindSky Esports15,000
Intel MVP-PUBGEzqelusia from Attack All AroundHelios 300 with 12th gen Intel core processorIntel MVP-Dota 2ATee from Yangon GalacticosHelios 300 with 12th gen Intel core processor

*The total prize pool for the qualifiers and winners is US$400,000.

Next Predator League

The next Predator League grand final will be hosted in the Philippines and return to its original tournament format beginning with the qualifier during the latter half of 2023,  followed by the grand finals in early 2024.