Indian gaming and esports content platform Rooter and esports and gaming company Nodwin Gaming have joined hands to host the largest BGMI tournament since the unban.

The BGMI Champions Cup 2023, comes with a mammoth prize pool of Rs 27 lakhs and is providing the largest platform for upcoming esports players to pit themselves against pro esports teams. Powered by Lenskart, the tournament will run from 21 June to 2 July and will see 28 professional esports teams and four qualifying squads from across the country wage an epic battle to clinch the championship.

Kickstarting with over 2,000 underdog entries, the biggest representation of upcoming players in a single esports tournament, the BGMI Champions Cup has already created a strong platform for talented amateur esports athletes to face-off against huge, pro-esports organisations. In true David vs Goliath style, the most passionate upcoming teams who clinched the top qualifying spots – Twm Gaming, Genxfm Esports, Big Brother Esports, and Undergods – will now go head-to-head against a glittering line-up of seeded esports teams. Starting with the BGMI Champions Cup, Rooter will be working towards unlocking multiple monetisation and support opportunities for the upcoming esports players.

Speaking about Rooter and Nodwin Gaming’s shared focus on elevating India’s esports ecosystem, supporting grassroot growth and delivering a high-quality audience experience, Rooter co-founder and COO Dipesh Agarwal said, “BGMI’s recent unbanning has been welcomed by fans, players, and the gaming industry at large, who now eagerly await an esports season of exciting gameplays, close clashes, and epic wins. With the BGMI Champions Cup, we are excited to join hands with Nodwin Gaming and will together leave no stone unturned to make the tournament a massive hit with gaming fans of all stripes. We are confident that the BGMI Champions Cup will be a great springboard for upcoming players and a grand celebration of India’s growing esports and gaming industry.”

Nodwin Gaming is known for critically acclaimed IPs like DreamHack, All That Matters, Playground, NH7, and the record-shattering BGMI Master Series (and more). Rooter’s partnership with Nodwin Gaming will bring in the latter’s years of experience in hosting industry elevating esports competitions into the BGMI Champions Cup stage. Focused on its goal of nourishing the dynamic esports and gaming ecosystem, both domestically and internationally, Nodwin Gaming has simultaneously been setting the benchmark in terms of overall esports audience experience.

Nodwin Gaming co-founder and managing director Akshat Rathee said, “Nodwin Gaming is thrilled to be collaboratively hosting the BGMI Champions Cup with Rooter. The immense love that the community holds for this game is unmatched, and Nodwin Gaming will be sure to deliver an unforgettable broadcast experience to every single eagerly awaited BGMI fanatic across India. We understand the expectations that the esports community holds when it comes to a BGMI event, and we assure every member of the community that Nodwin Gaming will deliver each exhilarating BGMI moment in the best possible way! The BGMI Champions Cup can truly turn out to be the kingmaker of the current BGMI esports scene, the four qualified underdog lineups will have an opportunity to become overnight heroes by eliminating a crowd-favourite professional esports outfit! And who doesn’t love an underdog story? We are confident that this tournament is going to tick every box on the esports fanatic’s checklist.”

Ever since the unban, fans have been waiting for the BGMI esports scene to return to its glory days. With the BGMI Champions Cup 2023, Rooter and Nodwin Gaming have brought them the perfect opportunity to catch their favourite BGMI stars like Jonathan from Team GodLike, Sc0utOP from Team XSpark, Omega from SOUL Esports, Sensei from Revenant Esports, SPower from Blind Esports, Mavi from Global Esports, Akop from Orangutan Gaming and more, battle for top honours.

Adding to the fan experience at the tournament, eye-wear brand Lenskart will be enabling fun, engagement opportunities for the passionate and fashionable gaming community. Speaking about the partnership, Lenskart media head Anupam Tripathi said, “We are delighted to announce this first-time association with the BGMI Champions Cup tournament in partnership with Rooter. This association is paving the way for a winning combination of style and strain-free gaming experience.”

Promising nail-biting entertainment, the tournament will bring over 100 hours of premium esports content for fans across Rooter and Youtube from 1 to 6 pm everyday.