Nostra, a gaming platform in India and Southeast Asia, announced the launch of four new immersive gaming formats. These formats are designed to tackle a significant challenge faced by game developers and gaming studios globally – enabling the discovery of games at scale.

Nostra is extending an invitation to game developers and studios worldwide to publish their games on its platform. By doing so, they can take advantage of the newly introduced formats, along with various other differentiated offerings, empowering them to expand their reach by up to ten times within a year, all without any upfront investment. 

Nostra’s new formats include:

  • Live which enables live streaming from inside any game, driving game discovery, and engagement and fostering learning and connections. Another elevated version of this format is TurboLive which enables viewers to interact with live streamers in any game and influence gameplay, making it an immersive and interactive experience.
  • Connect offers discussion forums to engage with players during the game. This feature not only fosters social connections but also boosts engagement and retention towards a game.
  • The newly added Esports Tournaments format allows gamers to compete against each other, transforming them into enthusiasts and advocates. This competitive element further enhances their interest and involvement in the gaming community.
  • Updates creates curated experience zones for in-game updates such as gacha mechanisms, quests, and missions. This keeps the gamers re-engaged and excited about the evolving content of the games.

Nostra VP and GM Yashashvi Takallapalli said, “With over 700 new games getting launched every day and 90 per cent of users dropping out within thirty days of installing a game, discovery and retention are two of the biggest challenges faced by the developers today. Nostra has created a new paradigm of user networks and engagement, proving what is possible when games think outside of their native app. The depth and breadth of our experiences are transforming casual gamers into fans of games, while our presence on the Glance smart lock screen, a surface that consumers interact with over 75 times a day, is giving developers a fresh and high-frequency touch point to connect with new audiences at scale.”

Nostra is available on Glance, one of the world’s leading smart lock screen platforms that provides personalised content recommendations and live experiences to over 230 million active users across India and Southeast Asia. By publishing games on Nostra, developers gain instant access to Glance’s massive user base in some of the world’s biggest gaming markets. This further leads to higher engagement and retention, resulting in increased monetisation outside of their own apps and traditional distribution platforms where they typically host their games.

In addition to these new formats, game developers and studios also have access to Nostra’s diverse range of monetisable formats. Further Nostra’s robust technology stack helps developers publish games on the platform quickly, allowing them to achieve numbers of up to one lakh daily active users (DAUs) right from the Day 1 of release. Moreover, use of AI-led personalisation and data-backed engagement strategies ensures the longevity of games on the platform.

Nostra has established partnerships with over 75 global game developers and has helped several of them achieve 10x reach within a year. 

In the coming quarters, the company aims to expand its presence to several global markets including the USA, Japan, and Latin America, enabling developers to reach millions of new gamers across the world.