SuperGaming, a game developer based in Pune, has revealed that its upcoming game Indus Battle Royale will be receiving a new 4v4 team deathmatch game mode. 

The team deathmatch mode (TDM) will also bring along an all-new map called Saaplok. The new game mode is said to feature fast-paced gameplay where players will be able to respawn after getting eliminated to maintain the fast and frantic gameplay. The team to rake up 50 kills first will win the match.

To build upon the immersion things such as weapon sway, crosshair centering, and muzzle VFX have been revamped and a brand-new UI widget “ferrofluids” has also been added. This UI widget allows players to know the direction, intensity, and count of weapon fire and other damage taken and also comes with a unique design to complement it. Players will find this widget useful to survive each round.

The TDM mode will also have four premade weapon loadouts for players to choose from according to their unique playstyles. These loadouts will also maintain balance and prevent certain weapons from being overpowered while also providing a competitive edge to the gameplay.

The four weapon loadouts which will be available in TDM are as follows:

●      A27 Locust (Assault Rifle) and Judgement (Handgun)

●      Devastator (Light Machine Gun) and R4-FTR (Handgun)

●      V – Fury (Submachine Gun) and Kismet CS10 (Shotgun)

●      Tempest CFA (Submachine Gun) and Vigil SR-14 (Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle)

Expressing his excitement about the arrival of a new gameplay mode to the game, SuperGaming CEO and co-founder Roby John conveyed, “We are thrilled to introduce the Team Deathmatch mode in Indus Battle Royale. With TDM, players can expect a pulse-pounding experience that combines fast-paced action with strategic gameplay. The support from our community has fueled our development efforts, and we are confident that our players will embrace TDM and the new dimension that it brings to the game.” The TDM mode will appeal to those looking for a chaotic and frantic gameplay experience and will offer diversity to the multiplayer game.

The update will also feature other quality-of-life improvements like a full audio overhaul, a range of dynamic voice lines, realistic interior reverb during firefights, and a pulse-pounding endgame music track with unique defeat and victory sounds. Weapon handling has also been upgraded with gun responsiveness statistics during sliding and firing.

The game is in closed beta as of now and players can head to the official website to sign up in the waitlist. The upcoming battle royale game has already crossed 11 million pre-registrations on the Android Google Play Store.