Lifeweaver is Overwatch 2’s first-ever hero from Thailand! Voiced by Thai actor Phuwin Tangsakyuen, Lifeweaver will represent the country to the millions of players around the world who play the free-to-play, team-based action game.

Lifeweaver joins the support line-up as the 37th hero on the Overwatch 2 roster. Players in Thailand and around the world can look forward to experiencing his unique playstyle and abilities once season four drops on 12 April, right in time for Songkran. They’ll have plenty to look forward to, with Lifeweaver being the first openly pansexual hero and bringing one of the most complex playstyles to the game to date.

This launch builds on Activision Blizzard’s commitment to deliver epic entertainment to Thai players and level up the esports ecosystem. Last year, Activision Blizzard joined hands with AIS, Thailand’s telecommunications group, to launch the AIS eSports Open: Overwatch 2. It saw 276 teams gather on the national stage to test their skills against their peers.

About Lifeweaver

Lifeweaver’s full name is Niran PruksaManee, nicknamed Bua, which refers to lotus flowers in Thai. He’s witty, kind and always looking to lift those in need, sometimes literally.

He is characterised by his love and respect for nature as well as his advanced biolight technology. This groundbreaking technology is woven throughout his abilities, and it plays a pivotal role in the healing and utility aspects of his kit. 

This character’s playstyle introduces a few new mechanics into the game. His final look is the result of a culmination of many different teams, including various concept art, hero design, and narrative. One of these pieces features an older physician who drew healing energy into his hands and blasted it into his allies, a bit like Moira’s Coalescence.

Healing Blossom 

Healing Blossom is Lifeweaver’s first primary fire. With this weapon, he charges a luminescent flower and sends it to his allies. The longer he charges the blossom, the more healing it provides.

Healing Blossom was the starting point for this kit, and from there, Blizzard built out his other abilities. The team’s goal with the character was to create an accessible support hero who is viable in many different scenarios and skill levels. Healing Blossom is soft target-based, like Brigitte’s Armor Packs, and the team feels this ability enables players across the board to find value in his kit and playstyle. 

Thorn Volley

His alternate primary fire is called Thorn Volley. With this weapon, he fires biolight thorns at enemies in a scattered pattern. While mainly intended as a form of defence, Lifeweaver can deal a decent amount of damage with Thorn Volley as well. 

Players will get the most value out of the character by healing their team, but his weapon has relatively high damage for a support hero. Keep in mind, you will be unable to heal your allies while using Thorn Volley, so be aware of your surroundings and manage these two primary fires wisely! 

For those playing against Lifeweaver, don’t underestimate Thorn Volley when rushing him. As Lifeweaver says: “Thorns in the face are an inconvenience.” He isn’t wrong.

Petal Platform and Rejuvenating Dash

Petal Platform is Lifeweaver’s secondary-fire ability. He throws a pod that blooms into a flower-like platform upon landing. Whether ally or enemy, anyone stepping on the platform causes it to elevate, and it will remain airborne for a certain amount of time. 

Anyone using the platform can launch themselves high into the air by timing a jump right as the platform reaches maximum height. It won’t quite be as tall as Baptiste’s Exo Boots, but enemies and allies alike can use the platform for a well-timed thrust into the air! 

Petal Platform was the most challenging ability to lock down in development, and it was iterated many times. The team landed on the platform mechanic because it adds something to the support lineup that they’ve only ever seen with Mei’s Ice Wall, adding a new verticality consideration for players beyond map design or heroes that can launch themselves into the air.

A well-timed jump at the apex of his Petal Platform will launch you into the air. Pair this ability with Rejuvenating Dash to cover a fair amount of distance both horizontally and vertically. 

Life Grip

Life Grip envelops an ally in protective biolight and pulls them to Lifeweaver’s position. While an ally is within Life Grip, they are invulnerable to all damage. 

The inspiration for this mechanic came from many places, as we’re sure some of you have been on the unhappy end of an enemy Roadhog hook, but the team wanted to ideate on a friendly pull between allies. The challenge was to conceptualise what an ability like this would look like in Overwatch. The team tried it out in their internal playtests, and had a lot of fun with it. 

This ability speaks to him as a protector and healer, but it also lends some insight into his personality and perspective. He is cool, confident, and has the best intentions for anyone he encounters. Even though he’s doing the right thing in his mind, there can be consequences to pulling your teammate out of position. Use Life Grip to save teammates and enable them to stay in the fight. 

Tree of Life 

For his ultimate ability, Lifeweaver places a large biolight tree that pulses with healing energy. This tree provides cover for your team, meaning you can’t shoot, be shot, or pass through it. The developer responsible for the concept describes it as, “Healing Bob meets Mei’s Ice Wall.” 

How a hero is developed can vary – sometimes their look and feel inspire their abilities, and sometimes it’s the other way around. In Lifeweaver’s case, his ability kit was built out before his personality, lore, and aesthetic. Tree of Life is what shaped his character into the nature-loving supporting hero you will meet in-game.

It was around Arbor Day when his ultimate started to come together, so trees were already on the team’s mind. The original Tree of Life gave its life to allies, withering over time. It was incredibly poetic but not very intuitive or clear on the battlefield. This ability, however, morphed into the final Tree of Life that’s currently in-game. 

“Look at us. We’re amazing.”

Whether you’re playing as, against, or with Lifeweaver, he brings something new and exciting to the game through his mechanics, playstyles, and perspectives. Whether he’s raising his teammates up with his Petal Platform, pulling them to safety with Life Grip, or sustaining their health with Healing Blossom – he is a well-rounded support who adds massive sustainability and utility to his team.