Indian LAN Gaming, a national competitive esports competition, has announced the start of its fourth iteration. Although the tournament’s organisers, League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG), have not yet revealed the tournament’s dates, prize money, or game titles, they have confirmed that it will take place over the course of the following year and feature over 30 gaming “cafes” in over 20 cities throughout India, as per Mint report.

Players seated in a “cafe” will only compete against one another in the event, which will solely be focused on Local Area Network (LAN) games. Players competing in the game will compete against one another in an Esports Arena League, and the victors of that competition will be given the opportunity to play in greater esports competitions in the future, according to a statement released by LXG.

LXG managing director Shravanth Reddy, said in a statement that the company will “bring back competitive LAN environments for both gaming enthusiasts and cafes, from where we left off in 2020, prior to the pandemic.We believe that ILG Cup Season 4 will again strengthen the existing ‘cafe LAN culture’ for budding grass-root-level players, who want to make their name in the community where they also get a chance to face off against professional esports players and rise through the ranks.”

Before the announcement, LXG held sponsored gaming competitions, such as “Let’s Go LAN” and “Weekend Brawls,” in eight cities across India. According to a press release from the organisers, the competitions attracted over 2,700 players. According to information from the company’s own website, LXG has attracted over 40,000 players to compete across 13 competitive esports titles and offered over 2.75 crore in total prize money.