With the growth of the gaming business, there’s been a significant increase in the usage of its devices thus benefiting related companies who produce gaming equipment. As the market capitalization of the sector reaches its peak, more and better businesses will be able to enter the market and produce as many different sorts of gaming devices as they can. One of the D2C product firms in India which has witnessed quickest growth is Arctic Fox, a brand of Outshiny India Pvt Ltd. Arctic Fox entered the Indian gaming market in 2022 by releasing the M1 gaming mouse which is made entirely of recycled plastic and competes with the industry’s tech behemoths. The company claims that all of its products are 100 per cent made in India, and are of superior and consistent quality.

In conversation with AnimationXpress, Arctic Fox founder and MD Sridhar Thirunakara shared that before inventing a gaming mouse, he kept a few important factors in mind: ease of use, durability, and the capacity to withstand at least five million clicks; not to forget the mouse’s ergonomics, which will ease the gamer by preventing any painful experiences.

Sridhar Thirunakara

Not just that, the team is planning to expand their gaming range of electronic items too. Thirunakara said, “Presently we are working on a Gaming Earpod completely end-to-end designed and developed in-house which is due to be launched by December and we are also working on some gaming keyboards and micro speakers which are planned to be released by early next year.” 

Significant factors propelling the growth of the global gaming mouse market’s revenue include the quick rise in the number of internet users, surfers, and content creators, the rise in gamers, rising disposable income, the preference for esports or virtual gaming, and the simple accessibility of a variety of electronics products and accessories online and through e-commerce channels and platforms. Being a made in India manufacturer he shared about his distribution process of the product. He said, “As we have launched our first gaming mouse under the brand Arctic Fox which is primarily a D2C brand, we are mostly focused on selling online through our own website as well as marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. Most of our target consumers are gamers who are tech savvy, do research online before buying and are comfortable buying online. This also helps us to better understand our customers and their feedback which is valuable.”

The company is now concentrating on the domestic market, but after they grow and become established in India, they will turn their attention to the global market. Speaking about the competition, he said, “Even though there are many PC gadget brands available here in India, almost all of their products are imported from China and we have a significant edge over all others as we do the entire design, development and manufacturing here in Bengaluru itself.”

Since this is an entirely new business for India, there are challenges at every stage. They lack the necessary machinery, the component supply chain, and skilled labour. Everything has to be constructed from scratch. However their core value keeps them going which is – “Stop seeing problems and start seeing opportunities – Opportunities to leave your mark.”

According to Thirunakara, globally, the gaming business is expanding significantly, and in India, it is quickly gaining the attention it deserves and is undoubtedly on track to have a 3X increase in sales each year. He concluded by saying, “We will get to see many more competitions entering the market with more products on both the hardware side as well as software side. It is going to be an exciting time to watch forward on how the industry shapes up.”