Indian esports organisation S8UL Esports has qualified for the Pokémon Unite World Championship 2024 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, where they will be competing against the best for the title and a share of the $500,000 prize pool. The team will be the sole Indian representative at the event after winning the India qualifier, hosted by Skyesports. 

The final stage of the Pokémon Unite WCS2024 – India qualifier, hosted by Skyesports, happened on 11 and 12 May with eight teams from the open qualifiers competing for a chance to represent the country on the international stage. Ultimately, S8UL Esports came out on top after a series of games, finishing ahead of the likes of Zenigame Squad and GodLike Esports. Besides the chance to compete in the World Championship in Hawaii, the team will receive $15,000 of the $37,500 prize pool.

The S8UL Esports Pokémon Unite esports roster is composed of the following players: 

  • Manmohan “S8ULAllmight” Singh
  • Rahul “S8UL Kyurem” Sharad Lavhate
  • Rudra “S8UL Rex” Narayan Nayak
  • Adnan” S8UL.Badshah” Badshah
  • Deep “S8UL.Snowyy” Patel

S8ULAllmight said, “The competition in the India Region for Pokémon Unite esports has significantly increased over the past few years. However, I am glad that through our teamwork and practice, we were able to secure victory. This is the second time we will be competing in the Pokémon Unite World Championship, but this time we are much better prepared to take on the teams in Honolulu, Hawaii. Last year, we were able to take a game away from the eventual world champions, Luminosity Gaming, but we failed to secure the series. We hope they qualify so we can get our revenge this time.”

Manmohan “S8ULAllmight” Singh

Last year, S8UL Esports also managed to win the India qualifier and make it to the World Championship. The team, however, were eliminated in the group stage itself. This time, they are going into the $500,000 World Championship, scheduled from 16 to 18 August, with a much more experienced roster.