Indian esports organisation Skyesports unveiled The Finals Esports Revolution Showdown, an esports tournament with the country’s top gamers as a LAN event in Chennai, India.

The Finals is a free-to-play first-person shooter available on PC and consoles. With a dynamic and destructible environment coupled with various soldier-class weapons with distinct equipment and abilities, the game makes for a fun title.

The tournament will feature four teams – led by Scout, Mortal, Sentinel, and Binks – of five players each, competing across a double-elimination bracket on 7 July for a share of the US$5,000 prize pool. Other players include Fa2, Vaadhi, Miss Senorita, and more. Fans can tune into all the action live on the Skyesports and The Finals India YouTube channels.

Skyesports founder and CEO Shiva Nandy said, “We are thrilled to host The Finals Esports Revolution. With its new Terminal Attack mode ushering in a much more competitive aspect to the game, we aim to showcase this to Indian gamers with our first esports tournament for the FPS title. This is just the beginning as we will be bringing more exciting tournaments and content around the game.”

The Finals Esports Revolution 2024 will be played on the newly-introduced Terminal Attack mode where two teams of five will go head-to-head to determine the winners. All matches will be a best-of-one, except for the grand finals which will be a best-of-three series.