Qlan will introduce and empower gamers with unique user experiences and networking opportunities. The application is available on Playstore for Android and the iOS version will be available in next 15 days.

The latest and optimised version of Qlan will focus on making it easier to discover Gamers, Squads, Orgs and esports tournaments on the platform by introducing exclusive filters and promoting  Esports tournaments to boost registrations for organisers and publishers with a data-driven reach algorithm.

Multiple features like ‘Qlan Qoins’ which are earned by completing specific missions on the platform can be redeemed in the Qlan Store as game and cash coupons as well as digital and physical perks which include custom stickers, gaming merchandise and more. The full version of the app will also allow gamers to flawlessly communicate with each other through automated chats and sync and update their in-game statistics on their profile.

“Our vision of creating an ecosystem for gamers that will recognise and reward their talent, help them grow within the community, and showcase their skills got a huge boost during the beta phase launch. We managed to achieve steady organic registrations and impressive engagement numbers at the Beta phase and its positive impact so far has been very satisfying. Of course, this is just the beginning with plenty more in store. We want to make sure that no gaming talent in the country goes unnoticed and our platform is a go-to for gaming and esports enthusiasts, providing them with the perfect opportunity and access to connect with the industry and people who matter,” Qlan co-founder and CEO said Sagar Nair.

The platform has also emphasized revitalizing its all-new video content interface developed exclusively for gaming content. Users will also be able to play interactive in-app games to earn lucrative cash and gaming rewards such as in-game currencies, wallet cash, game passes for games across mobile, PC and console.

“The deeper level understanding of our community that we’ve achieved during beta is a huge motivation for us to consistently work on making this platform more dynamic. Our objective is to develop the platform with an aim to make every minute spent on the app by gamers into a valuable and fulfilling experience. The ever-growing gaming space in India needs a network like Qlan to help aspiring gamers go pro and make valuable connections in the industry, help them build and thrive in their careers, and make some concrete movements. We hope our users will be able to enjoy and benefit from all the interactive updates that have been introduced in the latest version,” said Qlan co-founder and COO Navin Talreja.

Qlan has so far clocked an average daily engagement time that exceeds 18 minutes with more than 100,000 unique content uploads.