Esportswala has acquired Thailand’s distinguished PUBG Mobile team formerly known as “UTG International” to bolster its presence in the SA (Southern Asia) and SEA (South-Eastern Asia) region. The team will be competing in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) for the massive prize pool of $60,000 commencing from 16February 2023.

With exceptional athletes competing in BGMI, Free fire Max and PUBG New State in India, Esportswala has established its name as a notable organization within the country’s Esports community. While the team has expanded their footprint in the MENA region with their Free fire roster, its latest Thailand-based PUBG Mobile roster in the SA & SEA region is a concrete step taken towards fulfilling its vision of emerging as one of the best Esports teams in not only India but also globally.

“Our organisation has always aimed at exploring new opportunities as well as making some unique, innovative changes in the Indian esports community, and it is with this vision that we established our first BGMI team in 2022. The unfortunate ban on the title had an adverse effect on the country’s overall Esports scenario, but we did not let it hinder our goal and consequently decided to move forward with our vision in MENA as well as the SA & SEA regions. We came up with high-quality lineups of PUBG M and Free fire to compete against some of the leading teams in the titles and eventually become a powerhouse in the region. Our next challenge is the PMPL tournament in Thailand and I am confident that our talented team will put in stellar performances to bring the trophy home,” said Esportswala founder and CEO Vibhanshu Tiwari.

The roster comprising team captain Freddy, EARTHq, TYLORq, MrJO and TripleF secured their berth at the well-renowned competition after finishing fourth in Thailand’s PUBG Mobile National Championships last year. They will be competing alongside 19 other teams in one of PUBG Mobile’s grandest competitions in the world which is organized by the illustrious publisher Krafton.

Expressing his joy on playing for an Indian organisation, team captain Freddy said, “I am very happy that we are playing for a renowned and reputed Indian esports organization like EsportsWala and we feel proud to be associated with them. As I have witnessed Indian teams getting a lot of support from their fans on a lot of previous occasions, we hope that we get similar backing and love from the Indian Esports community. The team is determined to give the fans a very good performance as we take center stage in one of PUBG Mobile’s biggest tournaments. Love you India and we are really looking forward to your support.”

According to Statista, Monthly global app downloads of PUBG Mobile reached 7.18 million in November 2022. PUBG Mobile is one of the top-grossing mobile apps worldwide with approximately 124.79 million U.S. dollars in global mobile player spending during the most recently measured month.

The burgeoning esports landscape in India which recently received official recognition as a multi-sport event from the government is expanding its roots to become a global powerhouse and Esportswala’s acquisition of a foreign team is a testament to the progress that the industry has made.