E-Gaming Federation (EGF) for its first consumer campaign on responsible gaming, has roped Indian cricketer Shubman Gill and rapper Naved Shaikh, a.k.a. Naezy, according to Mint story.

EGF CEO Sameer Barde stated that the goal is to teach the players how to be more responsible while playing. “Players can take self assessment tests and put in daily, monthly and yearly limits, on the apps. But now, with the new campaign, we are looking at addressing critical aspects, like – not to chase losses, self-exclusion, and most importantly, this is a form of entertainment and not a career,” he said.

Speaking on the association, Subman Gill said, “Like it is important to conform to fair play practices on the cricket pitch, it is equally essential to adhere to responsible gaming behaviour while playing online games. I am delighted to be a part of EGF’s ‘Asli Gamer’ campaign which aims to bring players together and promote dialogue for a secure gaming environment.”

The ad has a rap by Naezy that discusses the traits of an asli or true gamer, or someone who plays responsibly.

“The online gaming industry in India has witnessed exponential growth and I firmly believe that advocating safer play will contribute to the best player experience. I am proud to be a part of this landmark effort by EGF that will establish an effective nationwide code of responsible gaming principles. I hope the campaign will strengthen the responsible gaming commitment of Indian players and enable them to make a difference,” said Naezy.