Pixelworks has  announced the latest iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition smartphone incorporates an upgraded Pixelworks X5 series visual processor, providing end-users with even more immersive and realistic gaming and video experiences by leveraging Pixelworks’ patented MotionEngine technology, HDR Enhancement and a diverse set of built-in visual effect enhancement modes.

The iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition is built on the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and powered by Pixelworks’ advanced visual processing technology. This powerful combination serves as a solid foundation for the superior visual display performance of the smartphone. The iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition features a 6.78-inch AMOLED display with 1080p resolution, and a 120Hz refresh rate. In addition, it is backed by a 5,000mAh battery with 120W fast charging support.

The iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition is powered by Pixelworks’ visual processor for improved visual qualities through the following supported display attributes:

MotionEngine Technology — Pixelworks’ patented MotionEngine technology (MEMC) uses an efficient interpolation algorithm to boost low frame rate gaming content to high frame rates of up to 120 fps. Coupled with the 120Hz high refresh rate screen panel, the technology ensures ultra-smooth motion quality while preserving original artistic intent of game creators for content displayed on the smartphone. Compared to running games at their original high frame rates, Pixelworks-enabled distributed processing offloads the GPU workload by reducing rendering pressure to avoid unnecessary system power consumption, which prevents overheating of mobile devices. This function has been adapted to over 20 popular mobile games, including Honkai Impact 3Perfect WorldMoonlight Blade, Genshin Impact, Game for Peace and King of Glory.

HDR Enhancement — Converts source SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content to HDR (High Dynamic Range) content in real-time. For videos, this function improves the color saturation and contrast of images, producing a more detailed and vivid display, while minimizing power consumption of mobile devices. The solution is specifically tuned to deliver optimal experience on numerous leading video Apps, including BiliBili, Tencent Video and iVideo. For gaming content, the solution leverages an ambient adaptive color gamut to display a more true-to-life gaming environment. This function has been adapted to over 20 games supported by MEMC. Furthermore, the iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition has also integrated the HDR Enhancement feature into its own browser to improve the visual clarity of webpage content.

Gaming Visual Enhancement — To further enrich the visual experience, iQOO and Pixelworks also provide various visual quality enhancement modes for iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition users. For instance, a Game Appearance Reproduction mode with the game creator’s unique perspective for specific games, such as Revelation, IdentityV, Sky: Children of the Light and OnmyojiAdditional built-in modes for all games include: Old Movie, Snow Blindness, Low Light Enhancement Prevention, Vivid, Soft, Highlight and Customized modes. Users can choose the right mode according to their own viewing preferences to create a more immersive gaming experience.

iQOO director of gaming experience planning center Yaojing Yang, “With the advent of 3A mobile games, the display quality has gradually become a new standard to measure the visual processing capability of smartphones.We feel glad to continue our cooperation with Pixelworks on the iQOO Neo 7 Racing Edition. Through the joint tuning of the two parties, we hope that more excellent mobile games with higher frame rate and higher picture quality could run smoothly on the smartphone screen, so that users can easily immerse themselves in the game world. At the same time, we have also optimized the visual display of popular video apps and the smartphone’s own browser to ensure high-quality user experience in more visual scenarios. We hope that our consumers would be satisfied with the iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition.”

Pixelworks China president Ting Xiong, “Congratulations on the release of the iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition! iQOO’s exploration of the mobile visual experience has always been at the forefront of the industry. From high frame rate visual experience to enhanced visual effects, from games to video apps, iQOO is marching forward steadily to cover more and more visual scenarios with its growing visual display capability. It is a great honor that Pixelworks’ visual processing solutions can help the iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition achieve multi-faceted and in-depth display optimization. I believe that users can truly feel iQOO’s sincerity and diligence to improve the visual experience when they watch videos, play games, or read news on this new smartphone.”