India and Southeast Asia’s free to play gaming platform Nostra has a monthly active user base of over 82 million gamers as per a report.

The Nostra Gaming Trends Report 2023 which released on 11 August stated that in the period from January to June 2023, Nostra registered a 30 per cent growth in its user base. During this period, the platform witnessed 1.5x growth in the number of games played per session with an average user gaming on the platform for at least 20 minutes every day. Much of Nostra’s growth during this period was driven by Live streaming of gaming tournaments (esports), and game streaming. The platform demonstrated a 3x increase in the time users spend on game streaming and 3x growth in the daily active user base for live streaming of gaming tournaments (esports).

Nostra’s distribution model is unique since the games hosted on the platform are available on Glance, a smart lock screen platform that provides personalised content recommendations and live experiences to over 230 million active users across India and Southeast Asia. Nostra is a single destination with a diverse range of free to play games, enabling users to discover, play, watch, learn and compete through a rich variety of gaming experiences that is – instant, online, live and gaming tournaments.

Glance president and COO, and InMobi Group co-founder Piyush Shah said, “Nostra is building the largest global free to play gaming platform, fortified by its AI-powered discovery feature and the innovative distribution model via the Glance smart lock screen and other smart surfaces. The effortless discovery, the full spectrum of rich gaming experiences, and enabling users to effortlessly explore and engage with captivating games on the lock screen without the need to unlock, has garnered enthusiastic reception from millions of users across Asia.”

He added, “It’s incredibly rewarding to witness the profound value that millions of users recognise within Nostra, a sentiment underscored by its resonance with a remarkable one-fifth of India’s gaming community.”

Nostra is looking to introduce 600 new games across 15 categories including both, instant and Android games. To make this possible, it is partnering with game developers and studios globally. According to the platform, it will offer new formats, several differentiated offerings to drive organic game discovery and engagement at scale and help game developers and studios achieve around 10x reach within a year.

Besides India, Nostra is present in other Southeast Asian countries – predominantly in the gaming heavy nation of Indonesia. In the coming quarters, the company aims to expand its presence to other global markets including the USA, Japan and Latin America.