Global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse announced that Genshin Impact will hold its first Genius Invokation TCG Asia Invitational in early 2024, with a prize pool of 500,000 CNY (approximately 69,900 USD). From 11 to 21 January, the top 16 players from the Dynamic Cup in the People’s Republic of China and three different The Prince Cup Asian regional tournaments will be invited to compete in Shanghai.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world adventure RPG that brings players to the visually stunning world of Teyvat. Since its release in September 2020, the game has continued to expand with new landscapes, stories, events, characters, and gameplay on PlayStation, PC, Android, and iOS. In December 2022, Teyvat’s most popular tabletop card dueling game, Genius Invokation TCG was first introduced as a new gameplay mode for Genshin Impact. Incorporating Genshin Impact’s distinctive element-based combat system into a strategy card game, it allows players to compete with NPCs or against each other using their card collection. The official international tournament Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup and the community tournament Cat’s Tail Gathering were also launched in 2023.

The Asia Invitational will unfold in two main phases, the group stage and the knockout stage. Both stages adopt the double-elimination format in which contestants will be eliminated after losing the second game. In the group stage, the 16 players will be randomly divided into four groups, and win in the best-of-three games to secure the eight spots from 11 to 14 January. The knockout stage will last from 19 to 21 January, which will see the eight advancing players facing off in intense best-of-five games. On the final day, the champion must outlast other competitors in a best-of-seven match to take home the trophy and the prize of 250,000 CNY.

From 11 to 21 January, live streaming of the Genius Invokation TCG Asia Invitational will be available on X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and Twitch. Fans and players can try out the card game in Genshin Impact and check out a series of new cards, NPCs, and duel modes recently added to Version 4.3 following the massive Fontaine expansion.