Limit Break, a blockchain-based Web 3 company and pioneer of free-to-own NFT model, will give away thousands of its Dragon series NFTs via an interactive advertisement that will air during Super Bowl LVII on 12February.

Limit Break has been giving away free NFT assets for months among a growing legion of fans in advance of this coming free NFT giveaway during Super Bowl LVII. The giveaways mark a radical departure from the previous generation of NFT projects, which often charge thousands of dollars for digital collectibles instead of giving them away for free. In many cases, these earlier projects sell these collectibles as in-game assets for games that they promise to build with the money they receive in these sales. Many such projects fail to keep these promises or simply push them out far into the future.

But DigiDaigaku provides tens of thousands of free NFT tokens, gamers own outright without the aftertaste of false promises and puffery. These tokens can be used to enhance the player experience in Web3 games – like Limit Break collaborator games “Castaways” and “Ether Orcs”. This new blockchain gaming model, a creation of legendary game designers Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa, is poised to revolutionise the industry.

“Limit Break’s free-to-own NFT model is literally game-changing, and these asset releases are key moments building to our upcoming Super Bowl commercial. Whether you are an existing fan or new to our community, we encourage everyone to take advantage of the release of these digital collectibles during the Super Bowl broadcast on 12February,” said Limit Break’s CEO Leydon.

Mobile gaming is a $300-billion industry worldwide – far larger than television, movies and music combined. The vast majority of the industry is built around the free-to-play model of gaming – also pioneered by Leydon and Nakagawa at a previous company, Machine Zone – in which users either purchase add-on game enhancements or earn them by playing.

Limit Break, founded in 2021 has already raised $200 million and expects to grow a massive global audience.

Leydon was CEO of Machine Zone in 2016, when it sponsored a memorable Super Bowl ad featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger for its Mobile Strike game. Other Machine Zone ads featured celebrities such as Kate Upton and Mariah Carey.

Super Bowl viewers who want a chance to own the DigiDaigaku Dragon NFT during the Super Bowl broadcast will need a smartphone to shoot a QR code that will be embedded in the ad during its broadcast. The ad will air during the first commercial break in the game. But make sure to scan quickly, as supplies of the free NFTs during the Super Bowl commercial will be extremely limited.

Ethereum wallet required to validly claim a DigiDaigaku NFT. Limit one per person. NFT has no value nor is value guaranteed. Full terms and conditions are available here