Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus is launching into the new year with a howl from Jain Zar herself. This week the team at Snowprint Studios will be hosting a live stream with Penny Arcade to launch the Legendary character Jain Zar. 
The Aeldari have many aspect warriors from their craftworlds. None are more feared than the Howling Banshees.  Aspect Warriors who rival any foe in the galaxy with their rapid strikes and keening battle screams. Descending upon enemies with speed and ferocity, Jain Zar is their Phoenix Lord and most skilled warrior.

  • Wielding The Silent Death, Jain Zar can deliver the silent death ability at enemies in adjacent locations on the battlefield. 
  • Jain Zar also carries The Blade Of Destruction  which can cut through even the most advanced armor. 
  • Jain Zar is the perfect warrior to lead your charge and finish off enemies quickly on the front lines.

Join Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus for their live stream with Penny Arcade on 9January from 3-5 pm PST to usher in the new year.