Orangutan has announced Wings as their official audio partner. This comes as an homage to all the #ApeArmy fans.

Wings in collaboration with Orangutan promises to bring the Wild Back to the esports industry. This collaboration embodies power, tenacity, and fierce aggression, traits the #ApeArmy stand by. The team-up with Wings symbolises the true spirit of Orangutan in the gaming industry.

This collaboration promises quality audio experience and enables fans to get hands on one of the best Audio techs to exist. This partnership aims at elevating the experience of the community with the high-quality gear, Wings bring to the table. Their vision of perfection is shared and translated via this collaboration flawlessly. 

Wings and Orangutan have been trendsetters for as long as one could remember. Their Audio Gear never fails to get a competitive edge over others in the market, considering their exclusive collections and collaborations. Orangutan has jumped into the wagon to design, add tech inputs and modify the features, keeping in mind the requirements of the Esports community.

Wings × Orangutan Limited Edition Earbuds are now available with Gaming Mode, Playtime from 30+ hours to 45+ hours, Bold BassTM, SpeedSyncTM. These limited edition earbuds are a perfect match for the #ApeArmy.

There is something fierce for everyone in the Forest. You can choose your wild from these limited edition pieces, Wings X OG Phantom Pro, Wings X OG Phantom and Wings X OG Phantom 550.

Orangutan cofounder Jai Shah says, “A high quality audio experience is essential for esports athletes, and partnering with Wings has given our athletes this opportunity. We hope to have a successful partnership with such a veteran brand in the esports industry and look forward to showing the audience what’s in store for them.”

Wings co-founder Vijay Venkateswaran added, “The limited edition TWS earbuds in collaboration with Orangutan esports represents our commitment to the development of the gaming community and providing access to better infrastructure for gamers. At Wings, we believe that every detail matters when it comes to delivering an exceptional audio experience, this passion was shared by Team Orangutan. It has been a very enriching and rewarding experience , working with the wildest team in the circuit.”