Rooter, a game streaming and esports content platform, has recently integrated with the Jio Set-Top Box (JioSTB) to become the first app in its category to feature on the JioStore ecosystem.

The move gives Rooter the opportunity to engage with eight million JioFiber subscribers across the country, who can now effortlessly access millions of hours of curated, high-quality gaming and esports content on their TV screens through the JioSTB – for free.

Rooter’s latest integration comes at a time of rapid growth for the platform and will significantly expand its footprint beyond the Android, iOS and web ecosystems through the set-top box service. The JioSTB is available for free with JioFiber, and since its launch in September last year, is believed to have cornered 50 per cent of India’s home broadband market. It is also rapidly becoming a one-stop destination for content across popular categories such as entertainment, kids, lifestyle, sports and food.

Rooter co-founder and COO Dipesh Agarwal said, “As one of India’s fastest-growing broadband services, JioFiber has captured a significant share of the domestic home broadband market and is driving data and content consumption across the country. Our goal, at Rooter, is to drive India’s nascent gaming revolution as the de-facto game streaming and esports platform. We are delighted to foster an association that will enable us to offer millions of viewers access to our superlative library of gaming and esports content from the convenience of their TV screens.” 

Rooter currently has more than one million creators, including top esports teams and gaming content creators who share their content in 10+ Indian languages with the platform’s highly active and engaged audience of over 60 million users. To access the app on their home TVs and watch gaming and esports content for free, Jio Set-Top Box subscribers can download Rooter directly from the JioStore.