• January 31, 2024
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Bengaluru-based Mayhem Studios has announced the closed beta of their battle royale game Underworld Gang Wars (UGW).

After the conclusion of its recent community playtest, the gaming studio is gearing up to enable the gameplay to a larger audience who can get a chance to experience the game first-hand. The registration for closed beta has started and gamers can access it by filling in the form here.

Mayhem Studios has also released a cinematic trailer that gives a sneak peek into the game, the lead characters, and the different hotspots in the game.

The studio stated that UGW has received over seven million pre-registrations and has become a highly anticipated AAA game since its announcement last year. This made in India title has been developed specifically to incorporate Indian elements not only in the theme and characters but also in the game hotspots.

Speaking on the announcement, Mayhem Studios CEO Ojas Vipat said, “We are excited to announce the close beta and make the game available to a larger audience. We look forward to seeing the reaction of UGW fans who have shown us great love and support ever since we announced the title.”

He also added, “Our goal is to not only develop high-quality games and gaming-related IP in India but also build unique titles that make a substantial impact on the gaming industry, both domestically and internationally. UGW is the first step towards this direction.”

Recently, Mayhem Studios concluded its Alpha playtests where the team received feedback on the gameplay content and the mechanics. Earlier this month, the studio also conducted the first community playtest that was attended by gamers and content creators like Dynamo Gaming (Aditya Sawant) and Rawknee (Ronodeep Dasgupta). 

The game will be played in the first person perspective and will allow the fans to play across all the 16 unique hotspots like a fort, ghats, and a mandi among others. The players will need to take sides and join as gang members of either The Velvets or the Bhokal Toli to go ahead with the gameplay. They will also be able to play with the whole suite of weapons including a hammer and a Katta, which are poised to enhance the gameplay experience.