Destiny 2: Lightfall will be opening the gates to the new raid, Root of Nightmares. In this raid, a team of six guardians must confront the ancient threat growing at their doorstep, ferried from an unknown time and place. The Root of Nightmares raid is available to all Destiny 2: Lightfall owners.

Fireteams competing for the World First title and aspiring to earn exclusive rewards in Contest will have 48 hours to complete the raid with the requirements below:

The raid will launch with Contest Mode enabled for 48 hours

  • Power is capped at 20 under each encounter, with 1780 being the maximum Power
  • The first group to complete every encounter, loot the final chest, and return to orbit will earn the title of World First
    • All six members of the fireteam will receive World First title belts
  • Everyone who completes the raid in Contest Mode within 48 hours will receive an exclusive emblem

Alongside the raid launch, Bungie is teaming up with Twitch Rivals for the Destiny 2: Lightfall World First Race.  

Guardians who complete the raid before 21March will be able to purchase the Root of Nightmares Raid Jacket, and the corresponding Raid Pin will be available throughout Season of Defiance. These items can be purchased via Bungie Rewards.