OTT platform Aha is getting ready to enter the metaverse with the release of “Ahaverse,” which, in their opinion, is aimed at the younger generation who are exposed to modern technologies.

The platform intends to provide possibilities to visit the sets of programs like Telugu Indian Idol and Unstoppable using Avatars. Also, viewers will have the chance to communicate with the competitors on their shows.

With the March debut of Ahaverse, companies will have more opportunities to engage with customers by being able to construct their own product and experience centers and own the show sets.

 Arha Media and Broadcasting head of marketing Kartheek Kanumuru, and Aha Media and Broadcasting head-non-subscription income Nitin Burman, discussed the various opportunities for both consumers and advertisers in the Ahaverse in an exclusive interview with BestMediaInfo.

“At Aha, the culture we have inculcated is that we want to try new things and for that, we have a new initiative department as well. In the field of digital, today you must be innovative in order to stay relevant. That’s the practice that we follow and Ahaverse was something that we have been discussing for quite a long time that Metaverse is the next big thing where the youth want to be. There have been people who have done concerts in Metaverse. So, we thought, why not create Ahaverse and take people to the virtual world of Aha?” Burman said.

Explaining the look of Ahaverse, Burman went on to say that the structure is like a big film city where multiple sets of various shows, which are there on Aha, have been erected.

“It will have a set of Telugu Indian Idol. Moreover, there are other upcoming shows for which we will keep constructing sets at Ahaverse. That is how each and every individual who enters will be able to experience virtually how the whole production of a particular show takes place and how the look and feel of a set is,” he stated.

The most important details are that the Ahaverse will be foraying into non-fiction shows and fiction shows, and that the biggest USP of being into the virtual world of the show rather than just watching the  show is the possibility of getting immersed in a show and interacting with celebrity icons.