For improving gameplay in Valorant, Omnicoach, AI based cutting-edge tool,  has launched which can easily review and analyze gameplay to improve skills and create shareable highlights. All users have to do is upload gameplay to the platform and let the Omnicoach AI do the work. It’s like having a personal assistant for gameplay which will give a breakdown of all the key moments, stats, and trends – all without lifting a finger.

What sets Omnicoach apart from the competition? For starters, its AI analysis is performed in the cloud, which means it won’t drain computer resources and affect the gaming experience like other services. Omnicoach also heavily emphasises the video, so you can easily see what happened in your match and learn from it. The system also extracts a broader range of events from videos compared to statistical websites and mobile apps, like wallbang kills, ability kills, health drops, ammo usage, the combination of these, , and more. With high customization options, users can choose exactly what events to include in their highlight video. But that’s not all – Omnicoach’s stats go beyond total values, as the company also shows trends to help users track progress over time.

While platforms like Twitch and Youtube offer live streams and VODs, Omnicoach allows users to interact with streamers’ gameplay videos and search for meaningful moments. This creates a much more interactive way to experience the same content, on demand. Omnicoach sees itself as a tool that enables gamers to enjoy gaming videos in an entirely different way.

One can upload three gameplay recordings to the platform for a chance to win one of three RTX 3080 video cards! This promotion is only available until 15January 2023.

Omnicoach is a free service that makes it easy to review and analyze your gameplay to improve your skills. To get started, just login to the Omnicoach platform. Then, download the recording tool to record your gameplay as you play automatically. When  ready to upload recorded gameplay, simply drag and drop the mp4 file onto the Omnicoach platform. One can repeat this process as many times as players like to maximise their chances of winning.

While players on the Omnicoach platform, be sure to check out the “Explore Matches” menu to see how pros players are playing the games. Omnicoach makes it easy to see what the best players are doing and learn from their strategies.