Esports have filtered their way into mainstream entertainment and are a popular type of streaming that is gaining a wider audience and growing by the minute. From streaming casually to working your way up to pro level, avid gamers have turned their passions and hobbies into full-time careers. Competing in tournaments is not only a way to create an income but also to increase your following and, once again, widen your target audience. A bigger target reach means opening up more and more opportunities for you to access in the near future.

You might not be an expert esport player yourself, but with the right player, it’s just as entertaining to watch them play. A great evening activity to wind down with, watching your favorite content creator at some of the biggest tournaments around the world is no less entertaining than watching a WWE match or any other type of sport. 2023 is a promising year, and with more tournaments than ever lined up, you could see your favorite games, which could include some of the most popular esports games, on the big screen at a level where the stakes are high. To read more about some of the esports tournaments coming up in 2023, keep reading below!

What Actually Are Esports?

Before we get into the biggest dates and events in the upcoming year, let’s just clear up – what actually are esports? It’s definitely something you may have heard of being used more commonly than before, but it may also be the first time you’ve heard of it.

Short for electronic sports, esports is a type of pro gaming that has reached international tournament levels and on a scale where a number of players compete against one another to show off skill and decision-making skills within seconds to overpower their opponents and be crowned as the champion of a particular game.

Valorant Champions Tour – Seoul

Perhaps one of the most popular games at the minute, Valorant is a game that is played by an estimated 11.4 million players. Imagine watching that being played on a professional level with the best of the best competing.

Similarly, in South Korea, Valorant has taken the city by storm and is one of the most viral games on the market, making it an ideal location for the Valorant Champions Tournament and one of the first of its kind to be held in Asia.

With local teams having a chance to win on home soil, as well as a number of other teams trying to win the champion title, it’s one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year for sure.

Fortnite World Cup – Copenhagen

Perhaps one of the OG games that made it to the pro gaming level with speed and efficiency, the Fortnite World Cup is a fan favorite for many. You can be sure to anticipate literally millions of people tuning in to watch, and you might think you’re good at Fortnite, but to play in the world cup, requires an elite class of players that are unmatched like no other.

As with the different variety of games that can be played within Fortnite, the World Cup will feature games consisting of solos, duos, trios as well as squad games, meaning you’ll have plenty of entertaining and nail-biting content to stream and enjoy, and Epic Games have even released a roadmap of events that will be taking place in the upcoming year, so you know exactly when to tune in. 

The main event itself will consist of a combination of elite 75 duo teams who’ll be competing for a prize amount that totals about $4 million. With three major tournaments set to be played out across the year, the anticipation to see who’ll gain the ultimate victory royale is sure to keep you hooked!

League of Legends – World Championships

The World Championships for the world of League of Legends is perhaps one of the biggest and most anticipated tournaments each year. Even if you aren’t a big LoL player yourself, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena games and has one of the biggest followings in the world.

With last year’s championships ending in November 2022, the new year is sure to be a memorable one, with an even bigger tournament, plenty of events and sold-out venues just like last year, only on an even bigger scale than before, with the online space holding its own fair share of fans, with viewers tuning in from around the world. This year’s roster is even more exciting as some of the tournament circuits will host the first-ever all-women’s team that’ll be competing in the North American circuit. 

The championships are expected to run from September to November, so venues haven’t been confirmed just yet, but keep an eye out for them as soon as they are announced so that you are in for a chance to watch the championships live.

As with previous tournaments, we’re expecting Riot Games, the creators of LoL, as well as sponsors of the mobile battle game, to be heavily promoting the tournament.