Global game service platform OP.GG announced the addition of a new feature to its desktop app. Starting with the latest patch today, users will be able to play the indie game Alpo: Way Home directly from the app without the need for any additional downloads. Users who are interested after playing the trial version on the desktop app can purchase the full version of the game through Steam.

The featuring of Alpo: Way Home, an indie game created by students at the Korea Game Science High School, is part of OP.GG’s ongoing efforts to support indie game developers and contribute to the overall development of the game industry. By providing access to the game through the app, OP.GG hopes to promote and support the efforts of the next generation of game developers.

OP.GG product manager Mark Kim said, “At OP.GG, we are committed to supporting the growth and development of the game industry. Partnering with the Korea Game Science High School students and showcasing the work of these talented students is a meaningful step in achieving this goal. We are proud to be able to provide a platform for these developers to showcase their work and reach a wider audience.”

This new feature provides a seamless and convenient way to play an exciting new indie game while waiting for a League of Legends queue, and the company hopes to be able to bring more indie games to the platform in the days to come. OP.GG is dedicated to providing the best experience for its users and supporting the growth of the game industry and will search for more indie games to add to its service going forward.

OP.GG is a global game service platform that provides services in 23 languages over five continents including Asia, North and South America, and Europe. OP.GG’s gameplay-enhancing services are available through the website, mobile app, and desktop app.

The OP.GG for Desktop app is available for download through the official website. The full version of Alpo: Way Home is available for purchase on Steam.