HyperX has announced the start of its Loot Drop III campaign, a global fan appreciation and community event, scheduled to run from the 13March to the 26March. This marks the third consecutive Loot Drop campaign from HyperX, focusing on elevating the gaming community and giving back to HyperX fans.

This global campaign will celebrate fans through social channel activities, influencer streams and media, featuring exclusive giveaways and the opportunity to win different HyperX products across multiple platforms, community appreciation events and product launches.

“At HyperX, we are always looking at new, unique ways to engage and interact with HyperX fans and celebrate them. Back for the third year, HyperX Loot Drop III appears a little different this time around, but the two-week campaign is still driven by efforts to demonstrate our customer appreciation and bring the gaming community together through exclusive HyperX product drops and activities,” said HyperX head of international marketing and global communications Chloe Lara.

HyperX EMEA influencers will participate in live streams throughout Loot Drop III, they will offer special limited-time discount codes and one-of-a-kind custom headsets, meaning fans will need to pay close attention to their streams throughout the campaign. Across HyperX EMEA social media, fans will be encouraged to share their gaming setups as well as also having the chance to win HyperX gear.