Spartan Poker in collaboration with Moneycontrol has launched the second edition of Poker for People (PFP) with a massive 1 Cr guaranteed prize pool.

Poker is a highly skilled game and involves significant vision, patience, and the competence to take sensible decisions. When it comes to wise investments with cognitive benefits, poker as a game is an ideal choice amidst volatile stock market ups and downs. The situations created during a game of poker vastly resemble the challenges & choices that an investor encounters daily. Spartan Poker and Moneycontrol have partnered to raise awareness about the synergies between Poker and financial investing,

Spartan Poker Group CEO Amin Rozani, spoke about the launch, saying: “We have always viewed Poker as a game of skill because it necessitates extensive knowledge of the game as well as the ability to read situations. To win at poker, players must use a variety of strategies to outwit and outplay their opponents, regardless of the hand dealt to them. I am delighted that Spartan Poker and Moneycontrol are partnering to recognize the importance of poker and assist in drawing a parallel between poker and the stock market/investments for the financial audience. A poker player reads situations, makes educated guesses and judgments, allocating what they’re prepared to trade on those guesses according to estimated risk. They make split-second decisions, understand how to manage resources, and have incredible discipline. These are skills needed for trading in the stock market as well. This led us to partner with a trusted financial platform like Money Control and showcase the synergies to our audience.”