RiotPWR, a leader in the cloud gaming controller industry, announces the launch of the RiotPWR RP1950 controller, the solution for the USB-C cloud gaming crisis for iOS users. Whilst RiotPWR iOS controllers, including the Xbox Edition (RP1950XCloud) and the ESL Gaming Controller for iOS (RP1950ESL), are capable of an upgradable connection, the RP1950 controller comes with both Lightning and USB-C cables.

“Competitors’ controllers come in Lightning and USB-C variations, but their designs limit users to one connection ability. Apple gamers would need to buy a brand-new controller to play on future Apple devices such as iPads. RiotPWR has always made future-proofing a priority when designing our controllers with our unique swappable and upgradable connection design,” said RiotPWR CEO Fraser Townley.

RiotPWR controllers are designed for the optimal cloud gaming experience. RiotPWR’s full-sized console controllers allow gamers to seamlessly transition from console to mobile cloud gaming without having to adjust to a different style of play. Pass-through charging technology powers unlimited gaming, and an adjustable phone mount display accommodates any phone case, while also allowing users to adjust tilt for the optimum gaming position. The new RiotPWR RP1950 controller now also provides gamers with a seamless transition from one connection to the next without interrupting their gameplay.

The new RiotPWR RP1950 controller is available globally today at for $69.99.