Softstar Entertainment – a Taiwanese gaming corporation – is expanding its footprint in the Indian gaming market by launching Starlight Gaming. This new firm is dedicated to developing incredible games that arouse a desire for play, foster interpersonal relationships, and stimulate the imagination.

The corporation has established a reputation for excellence in the game development and publishing industry over the course of more than three decades. Millions of gamers worldwide have been attracted by well-known series like the legendary RichmanChinese Paladin and Xuan-Yuan Sword, which have also gained critical acclaim and had financial success.

Starlight Gaming aims to set new benchmarks in innovation, quality, and player contentment with a major focus on offering immersive gaming experiences across a range of genres. Its goal is to lead the sector and motivate players with revolutionary games that challenge conventional ideas of what is achievable.

Softstar Group chairman Tu Chun-Kuang said, We are thrilled to expand into the Indian gaming industry with Starlight Gaming. Given the country’s rapidly growing gaming community, we believe there is an enormous potential market in reaching out to Indian players and providing them with distinctive gaming experiences. We are confident that the Indian audience would value our knowledge of game creation and attention to innovation.”

For the Indian market, Starlight Gaming COO Laveesh Pandey said, “At Starlight Gaming, our goal is to build a new and exciting way of gaming. We will bring together our talented team, a deep understanding of what gamers like, and technology to develop games that engage and captivate players. To ensure our games truly resonate with Indian gamers, we are committed to creating games that are made for India in every way.”

Starlight Gaming strives to produce games that resonate deeply with Indian players while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of gaming. By integrating cutting-edge technology, innovative gameplay mechanics, and a fascinating storyline, Starlight Gaming hopes to attract Indian gamers.