The Esports Federation of India (ESFI) has partnered with FITGMR, a renowned esports technology and training firm, to create a top-notch player and coaching development initiative to foster healthy, high-performing, and sustainable growth within the Indian esports industry.

The partnership, which is set to span multiple years, will see the esports firm working closely with ESFI teams providing in-game coaching and performance training. By utilising cutting-edge technology, curriculum, and a comprehensive coach training program, this partnership will empower India’s competitive players to train and develop the skills they need to play and perform at their best.

Additionally, FITGMR will be providing comprehensive training to coaches throughout India, equipping them with the expertise and understanding required to guide players toward success.

Asian Esports Federation (AESF) VP and ESFI director Lokesh Suji said, “We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with FITGMR that will bring a wealth of resources to our players, helping them to take their game to the next level. ESFI is committed to providing the best possible environment for its athletes to excel in the world of competitive gaming and this partnership is a testament to our Athlete-First approach which will fuel the much-needed growth in the grind of our athletes. With prestigious tournaments such as the Asian Games, World Esports Championships, Global Esports Games coming up, FITGMR’s team of experienced coaches as well as their unique approach to training and development will help our athletes not only hone their skills to reach their full potential but also give them a competitive edge to excel on the international stage. We are excited for the positive impact this association will bring and are looking forward to commencing with it.”

Having partnered with the globally distinguished esports organisation Cloud9 as well as the International Esports Federation, FITGMR has a proven track record of training players to help them reach peak performance levels and build a foundation for long-term success. By partnering with ESFI, the company will aid the growth of the country’s gamers by not only developing healthy habits and mindsets but also providing the data, in-game coaching and feedback that the players require.

FITGMR CEO and co-founder Kristin Anderson said, “ESFI and FITGMR are both committed to delivering results and doing it the right way. Having the opportunity to create the proper infrastructure, with player physical and mental health incorporated from the outset, means players will thrive in their games while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. If esports is to succeed in the long-term, developing an infrastructure like this is paramount. We were deeply impressed by ESFI’s unwavering dedication and commitment to nurturing Indian esports talent. Collaborating with them is a great honour and privilege for us.” 

The partnership between ESFI and FITGMR represents a significant step forward for esports athletes’ well-being and highlights the importance of physical fitness and health in this industry.