Starlight Gaming, the Indian division of Taiwan-based Softstar Entertainment, has unveiled a series of updates and additions for Raider Six. The updates brought to the battle royale game come as in-game celebration of Indian Independence Day.

Since its initial launch, Raider Six has earned accolades for its integration of Indian culture and immersive gameplay. During its beta period, the game garnered two million subscribers in a single month.

To commemorate this occasion, Raider Six has added “Captain Vikram,” a character whose charismatic presence is complemented by the alluring “Elite Forces” skin. Starlight Gaming describes the new character: Captain Vikram emerges as an embodiment of unwavering valour, a renowned Indian soldier whose name inspires awe. With indomitable courage, he single-handedly assembled a team of brave soldiers, thwarted a terrorist plot, and emerged as the world’s saviour of humanity. Additionally, the dynamic character “Mili” makes her debut, gracing the game with her fierce aura and captivating “Purple Skull” skin, adding a fresh dimension to the gaming experience.

To celebrate Captain Vikram’s achievements, Raider Six has presented an exclusive Independence Day extravaganza. The newly launched “Festival Mission” allows gamers to adorn their arsenals with iconic weaponry like the tricoloured backpack, AK47, NG7, glider, and others, all in a vibrant tribute to the spirit of the tricolour. The spirit of adventure in the game has further expanded with the introduction of the “Challenge Mission” and “Path of Honour,” giving players the chance to undertake missions that are filled with accomplishments and worthwhile prizes. To ensure a seamless transition into these updates, the game now features enhanced tutorial text, guiding players as they embark on their journey through the “Choose Mode” section.

As part of these celebratory updates, the game is also giving its users an opportunity to unveil a realm of coveted treasures. By completing specific missions every day and upgrading to Deluxe Pass, gamers can even get the character Captain Vikram, limited character skin Elite Forces, legendary weapon NG7 (Elite Forces) and the Palette series equipment. Additionally, the probability of obtaining gifts has been doubled in bounty mode.

The gaming landscape in Raider Six is enriched by the introduction of the exhilarating “Skirmish 4V4” mode, accessible through the dedicated “Arcade Mode” section. Within this mode, teams of four raiders vie for supremacy in an intense eight-player battle across seven dynamic rounds. Players can strategically utilise Battle Points (BP) or Diamonds to secure potent gear, followed by the opportunity to select rewards ranging from BP and items to BUFF effects. Victory is attained by securing four wins out of seven battles, a feat that culminates in claiming the coveted title of ultimate champion.