Machine Zone, has announced the global launch of Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos, a free-to-play mobile strategy MMORPG where players jump into the action with Noctis, Luna, and their favorite FFXV characters. Players can expect epic character combat campaigns where they will build and customize empires, and go to war with and against other guilds to protect the Crystal and reign the Realm.

“Final Fantasy is a storied video game franchise that players have come to know and love and we’re thrilled for the worldwide release of the latest iteration, FFXV: War for Eos.We are excited to share this next generation MZ game with our players. Whether engaged in brand new hero battles or reimagined epic scale multiplayer conflicts for control of Eos itself, every player has an opportunity to be a hero,” said Machine Zone general manager Thomas Wells. 

Players will enjoy the enhanced battle experience and customisation as well as a brand new campaign system within the stories and heroes of Final Fantasy XV. Highlights include:

  • New dynamic character-based combat mode that gives players the ability to experience the FFXV world in new ways. Players can take down Magitek armies and massive Behemoth monsters with Noctis and his friends and activate character-specific skills to turn the battle in their favor.
  • Massive world map spanning distinct biomes and filled with player vs. player and non-playable character objectives gamers can engage with. Players can create the ultimate Guild or join up with already-powerful forces to visit other realms, collect resources and fortify their kingdom.
  • Customizable city where players control building placement and can show off their empire to friends and enemies.
  • Stunning 3D character art is enhanced by an engaging narrative woven into game progression.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is available for download today on iOS and in the Google Play store globally in more than 150 countries.