DesiAddaES Playtech has signed an exclusive MOU with Disruptive Learning Solution (CinQ), a France-based game developer with an objective to empower teamwork performance. With the intention of creating an experiential learning environment that develops and enhances power skills through coaching and practice, the collaboration will change the corporate training market in India.

The MOU aims to highlight the strengths of both businesses and foster a competitive environment where athletes can compete. To that end, it will assign coaches to the teams, provide free online registration, secure sponsors, advertise on social media, and so forth to help the teams compete online.

DesiAddaES Playtech is a platform wherein professional players can compete and win exciting prizes because of the skill-based competitive gaming interface they offer, whereas, CinQ focuses on analysing a team’s capacity for leadership, cooperation, and power with the use of a variety of team-focused challenges. 

On this occasion, DesiAdda Esports CEO Abhinav Singh, says, “Teams are the building blocks of successful organisations. Our objective is to help you move out of your comfort zone and into your learning zone, and apply newly acquired skills to your business environment. Start-ups often need to work together in order to scale and expand their reach. Collaboration enables you to build on others’ strengths and increase your company’s potential.  labels now have more chances, especially for those with imaginative thinking and quick reflexes in unexpected settings. We found that many corporate teams requested to continue playing outside of their corporate training programmes since the challenges presented by the games pushed and tested them, enabling them to develop their talents.”

“Our Team is very excited about this new partnership. It strengthens the view that corporate esports can really help organisations bridge the gap between virtual experiences and real-world leadership, teamwork and power skills. Esports is a young discipline; it’s innovative, exciting, and ground-breaking. It is exactly the type of activity that will help people develop the necessary competencies to deal with the digital challenges and accelerated change of the modern world. We are honoured to work with DesiAddES in bringing the world of esports solutions to corporate training.” adds Disruptive Learning Solutions CEO Toby Coop.

This association, according to DesiaAddaES, is to solve a larger jigsaw puzzle by figuring out why customers visit and which gaming experiences they value most. A few things that might be done include expanding the audience, working with influencers in the gaming business, and using gaming culture as a source of lighter and more entertaining content. The collaboration will broaden the perspectives of professional players and instruct players in the values of teamwork, collaboration, and soft skills, so they may gradually apply them in the workplace.