Bengaluru based, blockchain-powered Esports fan engagement platform, STAN has surpassed one million gamers on its platform in only seven months to become one of the top Esports platforms in India.

In addition to this, the limited cards of the top athletes including Jonathan and Mortal are currently on sale at STAN Store in the application for the fans.

With the vision to bridge the gap between creators and fans, STAN became the first and the only platform in the country which enabled enthusiastic gamers to attend events like bootcamp visits, meet-ups and audio rooms that helped them connect with their favorite creators from organizations S8UL and GodLike.

Additionally, STAN has also disbursed over 30 Lakhs worth of rewards to its audience that has promoted large amounts of engagement for gamers. Regular interactions of fans with popular creators and professional Esports athletes through STAN Clubs is also a major factor for engagement.

Speaking on the occasion, STAN founder Parth Chadha, said, “Through its consistent efforts, STAN has ensured that every fan’s needs are being catered to. The commendable hard work and dedication of the team has helped in achieving the milestone of 1 million users in such a short span. The way fans have shown their love and support, the organization feels energized and enthusiastically looks forward to achieving a million miles in the future”.

STAN is also planning to bring “STAN Xtreme” for all its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Limited Card holders. Through this feature, the users will receive a slight advantage in the games and win more rewards in the app.

STAN is among the handful of Web3 startups that made it easy for Web2 users to transition to a Web3 platform by allowing Web2 users to easily purchase NFTs without the use of cryptocurrencies. The team at STAN also hosts regular webinars on different platforms to educate users on the advantages and use-cases of NFTs.

Not only this, STAN has introduced many features since its launch with the goal to bring fans closer to their favorite creators and Esports athletes. These features include but are not limited to NFTs and Digital Collectibles, multiple gaming events such as STAN Summer Cup, STAN Fan Cup, and STAN Fan Fest, games like Tug-o-War, STAN Clubs, and a Community Marketplace (a platform to buy, sell and trade collectibles), etc.

STAN has also partnered with all the existing behemoths of the gaming industry in its journey of 1 million gamers such as world’s most popular Free Fire creator Total Gaming, and elite gamers like S8UL.Mortal and Godlike.Jonathan.

The next major milestone that STAN is eyeing to achieve in the financial year 2023-24, is to onboard five million fans on the platform.