The PNC 2023 Qualifiers, powered by Skyesports concluded with Enigma Gaming emerging as the champions. The team is set to become the inaugural Indian outfit to take on that mantle and hone the national colours at the international tournament in Seoul, South Korea from 15 to 17 September.

India was given a slot at the PNC 2023, which has a whopping US$ 300,000 prize pool for the very first time this year. The five-man unit comprising Trnsluc3nt, Toretto, Salman, Unforgiven and Raxial will now compete as Team India against 16 countries from around the world at the prestigious PC gaming tournament in the South Korean capital.

Commenting on representing the country internationally for the first time, Enigma Gaming’s Team Captain Salman Patel said, “Really proud of our team and their stellar performance. It’s always an honour to represent our country, we’ll do our best to make India proud. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to #FearTheEnigma”

The PNC 2023 Qualifiers featured an open-for-all format offering all Indian PC gamers a chance at going pro. After an intense qualifier round and the semifinals, the top 16 teams from the country competed in the PNC 2023 Qualifier Finale from 28 to 30 July.

Enigma Gaming was the dominant force in the PNC 2023 Qualifier Finale as they swept through the competition with an aggressive and dominant strategy. With a consistent performance, they accumulated 165 points in the Overall Standings, 21 ahead of the second-place 4guys. The team will also walk away with Rs 600,000 for their victory in the Indian qualifiers.

The Enigma team members who will be holding the national flag at this international event are:

  1. EG_Salman- Salman Patel
  2. EG_Unforgiven- Tejasvi Vashist
  3. EG_Toretto- Arjun Purohit
  4. EG_Trnsluc3nt- Hemang Singh Chandel
  5. Raxial-Balaji Suresh Rahul