Animation Xpress is bringing one of its most anticipated events of the year which is Metaverse, Gaming, Esports and NFT (MGEN) Summit and Games, Esports & Meta (GEM) Awards. Happening on-ground on 2 December (register here) at The Lalit in Mumbai, the summit will encompass all things gaming, esports, Web3 and metaverse with interesting and insightful sessions including panel discussions and fireside chat. 

Animation Xpress had previously organised a virtual edition of Gaming, Esports and More Summit (GEMS) in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic but now it has expanded its horizon from gaming and esports to Web3, metaverse and NFTs. However we shall witness the inaugural of the GEM Awards this year.

The curiosity and interest regarding metaverse, NFTs and Web3 is constantly growing among the people and everyone is trying to understand more about it and want to be involved with it in some or the other capacity. As the gaming industry has a made a shift from a niche to mainstream industry with a growth in gaming, gaming content and IPs, esports, metaverse, NFT, cryptocurrencies and Web3, MGEN Summit and GEM Awards is a platform where the industry stakeholders can put forward their ideas and thoughts to make a way forward and appreciate the existing content.

With 10+ sessions, 10+ advisory members, 50+ award categories MGEN Summit and GEM Awards is expected to be attended by 500-700 people including gaming studios, game developers, game publishers, technology companies, venture capitalists, policymakers, esports tournament organisers and influencers, NFT creators, artists, cosplayers, gaming institutes, students, ad agencies and brands.

The advisory board of MGEN Summit and GEM Awards comprise of Penta Esports CEO and founder Anurag Khurana, SuperGaming communications manager and writer Rishi Alwani, Sharmilee Daru PR and 4WD Gaming founder Sharmilee Daru, Animation Xpress founder, CEO and editor-in-chief Anil Wanvari, Trinity Gaming India co-founder and CEO Abhishek Aggarwal, Paperboat Design Studios and Occult VFX Studios co-founder and director Aashish Mall, GuardianLink chief technology officer and co-founder Arjun Reddy, Loco founder Anirudh Pandita, Punnaryug Artvision Pvt. Ltd. founder and FICCI AVGC Forum chairman Ashish Kulkarni, GOQii founder and CEO Vishal Gondal and Xfinite chief operating officer Vikram Tanna.

Partners for the MGEN Summit and GEM Awards includes, dentsu Gaming as presenting partner, Rockstar Games as associate partner, Metapolis as technology partner, Zapak and Reliance Games as industry partner and BenQ along with Illusion Reality Studioz as support partner.

The MGEN Summit will begin at 10 am with the welcome note being delivered by Animation Xpress founder, chairman and editor-in-chief Anil Wanvari and Carat India CEO Anita Kotwani which will be followed by fireside chats and panel discussions. One of the key highlights of the summit would be the launch of the gaming report ‘For The GAME – Data fusion sheds a new light on players’ by one of the largest advertising agency networks in the world – dentsu. 

The panel discussions will be based on : ‘Decoding the evolution of the game consumers’ behaviour’, ‘RMG Platforms: The massive growth story & How to enhance the customer experience’, ‘Dawn of the Indian Web 3.0’, ‘Carving the brands’ stories’, ‘Esports’ future: What can we expect?’ and ‘Deep diving into the dazzling world of content creation and live streaming’.

Here’s what the industry experts have to say about MGEN Summit and GEM Awards:

Carat India Vice President Megha Nair said, “We at Dentsu, are super stoked to announce the very first edition of the MGEN Summit 2022- India’s largest Games, Esports, Web 3 summit. It is an absolute honour, and we take great pride in being the pioneers as an agency to branch into Gaming as an exclusive vertical, yet inclusive to our mainstream media/creative services. This only opens doors for our brands to explore the real potential of the gaming world with a holistic approach.
Along with our proud partners Animation Xpress, we look forward to unravelling a power-packed summit having great support and presence from our friends at some of the top brands like Intel, Sony Pictures, Nestle, Mastercard, Wings and so on. The event will be no short of the industry experts as well! Gear up to draw some great insights from top players like Reliance Games, SuperGaming, CrazyLabs, Rooter, Yudiz, Kwalee, Deltatech Gaming, Wazir X, Fanclash and many more. We aim to draw you closer with our lens on evolution of Gaming, Esports, Web 3.0, Content and live streaming with fireside chat sessions, panel discussions, real world brand stories and the very icing on the cake – The official release of the Dentsu Gaming report.
The very scale of the event defines how serious we are when it comes to the world of gaming. Animation Xpress have been the backbone in turning this vision into an on-ground reality. They have been the powerhouse since inception when it comes to curating events like these and I see them skyrocketing towards bigger success.
All in all, I would like to say the first step is always the hardest and we have taken it. In a few years, when we lookback, this summit would have definitely left a mark in the history of Gaming in India.”

SuperGamer communications manager and writer Rishi Alwani says, “There are few publications dedicated to the Indian games industry to the degree AnimationXpress is and it shows from the selection of themes to its speaker list. It’s pretty obvious the team knows the domain, which is heartening when you consider how rare that is to come by. This made supporting MGEN a no-brainer.”

Penta Esports founder and CEO Anurag Khurana mentions, “I am looking forward to the MGEN Summit by AnimationXpress. The discussion topics have a varied range and the speakers are from a diverse set of backgrounds. I am sure it will be enriching for everyone in terms of knowledge sharing and meeting people from the industry under one roof.”

Sharmilee Daru PR and 4WD Gaming founder Sharmilee Daru says, “Given the fast-paced gaming growth in India, we expect to see many new businesses, international brands and secondary gaming support systems entering the space. It is crucial for these companies to effectively deliver their brand ethos and establish themselves in the rapidly growing ecosystem. Events like these help in the mainstreaming of the industry by bringing the community together for meaningful exchange of ideas and valuable collaborations.” 

Trinity Gaming India co-founder and CEO Abhishek Aggarwal shares,  “With the second highest population of gamers in the world, the Indian gaming industry is on the cusp of exploding with opportunities for business and the gaming community at large. Going forward, we expect greater focus on the gamer ecosystem which will open doors for new career paths and revenue streams, keeping the creator economy agile.”

Reliance Entertainment – Digital CEO Amit Khanduja comments, “We are very excited to partner with as the Industry Support Partner for the MGEN Summit 2022. As Reliance Games and Zapak Games, we have always strived hard and pushed the envelope when it comes to developing and publishing games that have entertained more than 500 million gamers across the world. As one of the leading players in the gaming industry, both in India and globally, we are committed to growing the gaming ecosystem. With this collaboration with AnimationXpress at the MGEN Summit 2022, we reiterate our mission of putting India as the global gaming destination.”

Illusion Reality Studioz CEO and Contiloe Pictures group CFO Nitin Dadoo says, “Metaverse, today, is no longer a futuristic idea. We are witnessing how the idea of the metaverse is reshaping the world, especially within the entertainment industry. At Illusion Reality Studioz, we intend to become the go-to space for quality animation and VFX, including this space. We have already started creating worlds in the metaverse and while they are in the initial stages, it is a very firm step from our end in that very direction. We’re looking forward to giving people a special preview / experience at MGEN. They are doing a fabulous thing by bringing together the entire new age gaming ecosystem together on one platform and we’re excited to be a part of this community.” 

Xfinite chief operating officer Vikram Tanna shares, “Over the past few years, new gaming IPs, platforms, esports tournaments, esports teams, gaming content channels, content creators and more, have triggered gaming to a mainstream entertainment choice for consumers. The sector is poised to become one of the fastest growing verticals of media. Today, we need collective effort from industry leaders, platforms, and consumers to accelerate this growth further.’s Metaverse, Games, Esports, NFT Summit (MGEN) Summit and Awards is a platform of international repute that has been bringing together domain experts to discuss and drive the growth of the gaming industry. This interaction amongst the best of minds is much needed as we transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and I am looking forward to learning and contributing in the best way I can.”

Loco founder Anirudh Pandita says, “We are excited to be a part of the MGEN Summit 2022. The summit will bring together some distinguished industry leaders and shed light on important topics such as eSports, metaverse, and NFTs. Today, the gaming community has become a primary source of entertainment for the younger generation, and to provide an unparalleled gaming and entertainment experience, impetus needs to be laid towards innovation from within. At Loco, our product efforts, coupled with our pioneering efforts in building the gaming community in India, has enabled us to become the leading independent game streaming platform globally.”

After the MGEN Summit the event will proceed towards the most happening fragment of the evening, GEM Awards. Another highlight of the evening is the cosplay competition, which will see participation from several cosplayers across Mumbai. 

We welcome you all to join us on-ground for MGEN Summit and GEM Awards to get insights into the dynamic gaming and Web3 industry on 2 December at The Lalit, Mumbai. 

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