Bandai Namco Entertainment is announcing that their “Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund”, a fund to invest in startups to create new  entertainment and build its “IP (characters and other intellectual properties) Metaverse,” has decided to invest  in DeepMotion based in the United States and SuperGaming based in India. 

Under the Bandai Namco Group’s Purpose “Fun for All into the Future” and our vision for the mid-term plan  (April 2022 – March 2025) “Connect with Fans,” we will create new ways to connect with our fans so that we can  leverage our IPs and foster deep, broad, multifaceted relationships with our partners, Group employees, societies, and IP fans around the world. 

DeepMotion is both a development company with a strong track record in the development of AI-based  automatic motion recognition technology and a SaaS company that provides its own motion generation  services. Through this investment, we aim to incorporate DeepMotion’s technology and expertise on AI-based  motion generation and create new entertainment experiences using motion intelligence.

Super Gaming develops and publishes game applications for smartphones mainly in the Indian market and  develops and provides its own game development engine platform. Through this investment, we will seek to  expand our business by combining our expertise in IPs with a deeper understanding of the Asian market, which  is expected to grow further in the future. 

We will continue to invest in outstanding companies around the world in order to support our gaming  business and introduce new forms of entertainment.