For game lovers, the innovation of emulators has come as a handy tool to play their favourite mobile games on PC. BlueStacks is one of those emulators which has made its appearance strong in the market in recent years. 

BlueStacks keeps on adding updates to its software to make the experience better for its users. This time the company has come up with the Android 11 support update. Although Android OS is the most popular mobile operating system, many people still desire to play their favourite mobile games on PC. There are several reasons for this, but the most well-liked ones include: larger graphics – making it simpler to spot enemies, perfecting moves – increasing the likelihood of winning, avoiding phone space issues, and others. Players essentially get the amplified experience when they play mobile games on a computer.

Thanks to BlueStacks games like Free Fire, State of Survival, Mobile Legends: Bang, Bang, Nikke, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and more can be easily played on PC. Users can also play games at 120 FPS and higher, which offers a sharper, smoother experience.

The company also claims that the Android 11 support reduces up to 75 per cent of RAM consumption, the apps run smoother, quicker, and more powerful. The user’s privacy is valued, so it is a safer platform. In addition, players can also display real-time visuals using Vulkan, a modern graphics renderer. Players can now access a number of video games that make use of the Vulkan library.

 AnimationXpress had the chance to review the emulator. Here are the findings:

  • The process of downloading and installing the software on the system is easy and offers good guidance to new users.
  • To create an Android 11 instance, one can launch the Multi-instance Manager by clicking on its icon in the side toolbar on the BlueStacks 5 home screen. One can customise the instance according to their preferences by specifying the following:
    • CPU cores: Specify the number of CPU cores you wish to assign for this instance.
    • Memory allocation: Assign the amount of RAM 
    • Resolution: Select the resolution 
    • ABI setting: Choose the desired ABI libraries 
    • Performance mode: Select a suitable performance mode to experience optimum performance
    • DPI: Allot a DPI from 160, 240, and 320.
    • Instance count: You can create one or more instances with the same settings
  • There various other features like Native Gamepad Support, Smart Controls, Eco Mode and other details and usage about the same can be found on BlueStacks’ website.
  • Although the software is easy to download, the game installation in the emulator can be tiring for some. 
  • To download some games, the user has to sign in to the Google Play Store. 
  • We faced issues initially while downloading Free Fire Max but it downloaded properly in the second attempt.
  • We tried our hands at Free Fire Max, State of Survival, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and except for Free Fire, a lag was experienced in all the games. The lag was experienced in pre-loading screens as well as in the game.

In the last nine to 10 months, the overall experience of BlueStacks emulator has become much better and smooth as compared to earlier. Overall, we can safely say that users who love to play mobile games on a big screen can continue their journey with BlueStacks. 

By Poonam Mondal and Dhruvi Joshi