logo, Inc. announced that it has received an undisclosed amount of investment from NTT DoCoMo Ventures for their cloud-based mobile gaming distribution platform. The investment is aimed at bringing next-generation mobile cloud technology to game developers and gamers.

Launched in June 2021, is a mobile cloud gaming platform that makes it possible to convert Android based mobile games to cloud games by simply converting APK files to cloud versions, making them accessible on any browser. Cloud converted mobile games can then be accessed on any devices or any browser, free of cost, through unique game links. Gamers can play or share games without any need to install the Android game.

In little over a year, the distribution platform has amassed over 42 million users, with half the gamers playing for over 30mins per day, surpassing many cloud gaming benchmarks. Gamers from multiple devices like PC, Android, Mac and even console platforms are accessing distributed cloud games through built-in browsers.’s proprietary nowCloudOS cloud rendering technology enables game developers to publish their games to the cloud with minimal effort. It also enables reach for users who were previously unable to access games due to device limitations.

Much of today’s entertainment, including games and other content, is provided in the form of apps.’s mission is to provide users with a different app experience by providing mobile cloud technology. Even if the content of the app is further enhanced and the amount of data becomes enormous, it will be possible to enjoy it comfortably with a browser anytime, anywhere with’s solution.

Since 2022, NTT DoCoMo has been providing a multi-device metaverse service that can be easily enjoyed on a browser. This investment was made in anticipation of synergies with the new user experience that is being worked on. Going forward, and NTT Group and DOCOMO will collaborate further to promote initiatives aimed at creating new value.