The number of pre-registration for the evil martial arts mobile game Lost Blade published by Envoy Games has exceeded 300,000. An official promotional video has been released to let players feel the charm of this dark martial arts world in advance.

As the storyteller pounds his gavel, the story of the evil martial arts world begins. The evil swordsman, surrounded by the unseen sea of blood, walks between heaven and earth. Under the seemingly cruel appearance, however, there is an unknown sad story. The bewildering truth is waiting for you to find out!

Rich rewards have been prepared. When the game is released, players will get 365 draws in total and many other in-game rewards. Players who have pre-registered from the app store can get two five-star heroes Embroidery Lady and Frost Dragon directly. 

Lost Blade adopts a comic art style. The plots, UI design, and battle scenes are all presented in the form of comics skillfully, giving players an immersive experience of “watching while playing”, as if they entered the world of evil heroes.

There are five sects in this game: Icevein, Ember, Welkin, Verde, and Eclipse Sect. Each has its unique characteristics and heroes with completely different styles. Players can set up their teams at will according to their characteristics and take the lead in the battle for the heavenly tome.

The official Facebook account of the game has launched a gift-giving activity. By completing the steps through the specific post, you will have a chance to get rich awards, including Nintendo Switch, AirPods, an esports mechanical keyboard, and so on. This activity is now counting down. And the game will be officially released on 21February. Go to the official community to participate and click follow to get the latest news of the game!